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Simple Systems Can Generate Complexity

Posted by pwl on February 22, 2009

Even extremely simple programs can produce behavior of immense complexity
“Everyday experience tends to make one think that it is difficult to get complex behavior, and that to do so requires complicated underlying rules. A crucial discovery in A New Kind of Science is that among programs this is not true—and that even some of the very simplest possible programs can produce behavior that in a fundamental sense is as complex as anything in our universe. There have been hints of related phenomena for a very long time, but without the conceptual framework of A New Kind of Science they have been largely ignored or misunderstood. The discovery now that simple programs can produce immense complexity forces a major shift in scientific intuition.” – Stephen Wolfram, Quick Takes on Some Ideas and Discoveries in A New Kind Of Science (NKS)

The proof, yes proof, of this is Chapter 2 of NKS.

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