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Two Faces of Associate Professor PZ Myers

Posted by pwl on February 22, 2009

Two Faces of Associate Professor PZ Myers: By Day A Commitment to the UMM Code of Conduct & By Night Crude & Brash Basher of the Ignorant with the Open Season on Fresh Meat

Associate Professor PZ Myers By Day – UMM Code of Conduct: “UMM – GUIDING PRINCIPLES. Values. In carrying out the institution’s research, teaching, and public service mission, members of the University community (community members) are dedicated to advancing the University’s core values. These values embrace commitment to: excellence and innovation; discovery and the search for the truth; diversity of community and ideas; integrity; academic freedom; stewardship and accountability for resources and relationships; sharing knowledge in a learning environment; application of knowledge and discovery to advance the quality of life and economy of the region and the world; and service as a land grant institution to Minnesota, the nation, and the world. Commitment to Ethical Conduct. Community members must be committed to the highest ethical standards of conduct and integrity. The standards of conduct in this Code, supported through policies, procedures, and workplace rules, provide guidance for making decisions and memorialize the institution’s commitment to responsible behavior.”

Associate Professor PZ Myers By Night – Open Season on Fresh Meat Policy: “ I want my commenters to be uncivil. There is no virtue in politeness when confronted with ignorance, dishonesty, and delusion. I want them to charge in to the heart of the issue and shred the frauds, without hesitation and without faltering over manners. These demands for a false front of civility are one of the strategies used by charlatans who want to mask their lack of substance — oh, yes, it would be so goddamned rude to point out that a huckster is lying to you. I am quite happy that we have a culture of being rude to frauds here.”

Do we detect an ethical delima here that can’t possibly be resolved nor justified by anthing in the UMM Code of Conduct – YES WE DO!!! There are limits which Associate Professor PZ Myers has – in our view and the views of many others – violated. Ethical limits broken. Commitments to a Code of Conduct obliterated and rendered nullified. Shame on you Associate Professor PZ Myers, shame on you.

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