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Darth Vader in a Dark Mood

Posted by pwl on February 28, 2009

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Saving the world with science, what you need to know

Posted by pwl on February 28, 2009

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We stand in front of the limits of predictability

Posted by pwl on February 28, 2009

[Henk] Tennekes, more than any other individual, challenged the models that climate scientists were constructing, saying models could never replicate the complexity of the real world. What was needed was a different approach to science, one that recognized inherent limits in such scientific tools and aimed less to regulate the environment.

In a landmark speech to the American Meteorological Society in 1986, [Tennekes] argued that meteorology was poised to be the first of the post- Newtonian sciences because it was “at odds with the mainstream of the scientific enterprise of the last 300 years. One goal of science is to control nature, but we know we cannot control the weather. The goal of science is prediction, but we stand in front of the limits of predictability.

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Climate Change: The Role of Particles and Gases

Posted by pwl on February 28, 2009

“July 1, 2008 Berkeley Lab lecture: A member of the Atmospheric Sciences Department in the Environmental Energy Technologies Division (EETD), Surabi Menon’s work focuses on the human contribution to increasing impacts of climate change. Her talk will focus on what humans can do about the effects of global warming by examining anthropogenic influences on climate and future anticipated impacts, using a climate model and her own observations.”

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Come over to the Dark Side of the Force and Rule the Universe!

Posted by pwl on February 28, 2009

“The revolutionary discovery that the expansion of the universe is speeding up, not slowing down from gravity, means that 75 percent of our universe consists of mysterious dark energy. Berkeley Lab theoretical physicist Eric Linder delves into the mystery of dark energy …”

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The Maunder Minimum had almost no Sun Spots

Posted by pwl on February 28, 2009

“The Maunder Minimum is the name given to the period roughly from 1645 to 1715, when sunspots became exceedingly rare, as noted by solar observers of the time. It is named after the solar astronomer Edward W. Maunder (1851–1928) who discovered the dearth of sunspots during that period by studying records from those years. During one 30-year period within the Maunder Minimum, for example, astronomers observed only about 50 sunspots, as opposed to a more typical 40,000–50,000 spots.”

Given this graph it sure looks like temperatures are driven by the Sun, that huge ball of fusion going crazy at the center of our solar system that has 98+% of the mass of said system. A long slow bumpy progression trending upwards.

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Scams Rely Upon Belief Systems

Posted by pwl on February 28, 2009

Since the financial market’s own version of 9/11, the collective belief in free market capitalism has taken quite a hit. Not surprisingly, the professional absurdists have shown more common sense than the business press. “The stock market’s just a consensual mass delusion based on fictitious valuing of abstract assets,” noted fictional news reporter John Oliver on The Daily Show. Yet, even now, financial advisors and business press shills are still humming the same old tune, which might as well be Journey’s Don’t Stop Believin’. No matter how bad the financial news gets, the bull market will return one day, we’re told. Two years, say some. Three years, say others – seven years on the outside. Just have faith and buy low.

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