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Is this purported testimony for real?

Posted by pwl on March 4, 2009

John Slayton wrote: “Although the first page is dated February 25, all the internal pages are dated July 10, 2002. Is this purported testimony for real? I have asked over there, but no one has responded to this point.”

Hi, yes, the evidence is that Dr William Happer’s testimony in front of the “Environment and Public Works Committee” was made on Feb 25th, 2009.

There is even a boring long, 2:22:45, video of the event. (I’m waiting for it all to downstream and be cached since the darn RealPlayer or the feed won’t restart if you click outside of the cached portion; sigh, technology. Wow, USA Senators sure like to hear themselves speak… it’s an HOUR and three minutes exactly that the committee took before turning the floor over to their first invited speaker, Dr. R. K. Pachauri (get a shaver and a hair cut dude)).

Dr. William Happer reads his statement after, being introduced by Senator Boxer, starting at 1:24:53 through 1:32:33. Oh, it looks like he didn’t read the entire statement but most of it due to time limits imposed by talkative Senators. Oh, in the video Dr Happer adds that the Senator can look up more info in his written testimony that wasn’t covered in his verbal testimony. Enjoy the fireworks.

The copy of the PDF that I’ve seen has all pages with date Feb 25, 2009.

The copy of the PDF that you linked to also appears on the Senate web site. If you read the date and info in that document:

n:/cntr/William Happer testimony to Senate Energy Committee, July 10, 2002.

It may be that he appeared in front of a different committee in an earlier year which might be why the date is different.

There are some very interesting interchanges between Senator Lautenberg and Dr Happer from 1:49:02 through 1:54:00.

Favorite quote from the video so far: “Dr Happer I have to commend you for courage even though we radically differ on the view of what is happening.” – Senator Lautenberg with the reply mid sentence after courage: “Thank you” from Dr. Happer.

Consensuses are often wrong in science. … Consensus is not the way to determine the truth [in science]” – Dr William Happer.

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