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Richard Feynman Messenger Lectures + Character of Physical Law

Posted by pwl on March 4, 2009

5 Responses to “Richard Feynman Messenger Lectures + Character of Physical Law”

  1. Is there a way of buying the FULL video RPF’s “Character of Physical Law”?
    (We can’t burn to disc at the library.)
    Any other great lectures?

  2. pwl said

    Well, search a site like Amazon for “Feynman Character of Physical Law” and there are audio tapes available.

  3. Mauro said

    OK. I’m familiar with what’s available in books & audio.
    This particular FILMED lecture was quite motivating visually, unlike other videos of RPF’s movements & chalkboard at lectures.
    Why not get a signature list to request that Caltech or Cornell make a nice boxed DVD for “Character of Physical Law” VIDEO ?

  4. Daniel said

    Years ago the full set of messenger lectures were on google video, then they got taken down and I’ve been looking for them ever since. They are easily the most engaging and informative introduction to the subject I have ever seen, and it is such a shame they are no longer available

  5. Jim Hultman said

    Try this link. It might help some.

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