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We’re All Predictably Irrational

Posted by pwl on March 6, 2009

Dan Ariely, a professor of behavioral economics at Duke University, presents examples of cognitive illusions that help illustrate why humans make predictably irrational decisions.

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Al Gore’s “Debate is No Longer Needed” = Science Is No Longer Needed!

Posted by pwl on March 6, 2009

Al Gore Talks Ten Year [con] Plan in a video interview.

[Al Gore] was challenged by Mr. Lomborg, the Danish skeptical environmentalist who thinks the world would be better off spending more money on health and education issues than curbing carbon emissions.

I don’t mean to corner you, or maybe I do mean to corner you, but would you be willing to have a debate with me on that point?” asked the polo-shirt wearing Dane.

“I want to be polite to you,” Mr. Gore responded. But, no. “The scientific community has gone through this chapter and verse. We have long since passed the time when we should pretend this is a ‘on the one hand, on the other hand’ issue,” he said. “It’s not a matter of theory or conjecture, for goodness sake,” he added.

Al Gore: No More Debate Needed On Global Warming

Notice that Gore uses “religious” language when he says: “The scientific community has gone through this chapter and verse.” Ah, science is NOT religion, at least it’s not supposed to be Mr. Al Gore.

Essentially Mr. Al Gore is advocating that the science stop when he asserts that the “debate is over” since at the core of science is “scientific debate” over the science! Science is about finding out what the heck is going on and as we learn more our information evolves and yes people, scientists and others will debate the evidence, the experiments, the results or lack of results from experiments, the data, the quality of the data, the accuracy or lack therein of the data, etc…. The debate is not over unless you want the science over Mr. Al Gore.

Lomborg Goring Gore.

If you think about the psychology of Gore finding out that he’s wrong about climate science it’s easy to understand that Gore would want to shut down any discussions that basic questions about climate science are raised. Gore is attempting to avoid making more big goofs about it than he already has. It’s the politician in him avoiding topics that he’s ignorant of.

As someone learning climate science I embrace my obvious ignorance precisely because I’m LEARNING about climate science! You might give that a try Mr. Al Gore.

It would be important for you Mr. Al Gore to release an updated version of “An Inconvenient Truth” that corrects the mistakes that are in it. You might want to call it something else. Suggestions from the reader are welcome.

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Powering the Future with Sustainable Energy

Posted by pwl on March 6, 2009

August 21, 2008 presentation by Stacey Bent for the Stanford University Office of Science Outreach’s Summer Science Lecture Series.

Meeting the world’s growing energy needs in a sustainable fashion is one of the most pressing problems of our time. Professor Bent introduces the scope of the energy problem and some of the options for sustainable energy, then will focus on two main devices: solar cells and fuel cells. Solar cells convert the energy of the sun directly into electricity, while fuel cells convert chemical energy directly into electricity. Current research at Stanford is studying the use of new materials to develop the next generation of solar cells and fuel cells.

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Calculate Your God Delusion Index

Posted by pwl on March 6, 2009

1) Do you believe that there exists (or may exist) a higher consciousness or a great intelligence that is somehow associated with the entirety of the universe?

If you answered YES give yourself +5 points.

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