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Climate Change, Human Caused or Natural?

Posted by pwl on March 8, 2009

Fred Singer was one of many scientists who spoke out at the international conference in New York about the scientific data that dispels the myth that CO2 drives Climate Change

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It’s the Sun, stupid!

Posted by pwl on March 8, 2009

New direct evidence demonstrate that changes in solar activity influence climate

By Willie Soon

The theory that climate change is chiefly caused by solar influences “is no longer tenable,” says US National Academy of Sciences president Ralph Cicerone. Carbon dioxide, he argues, is the key driver of recent climate change. I beg to differ.

The amount and distribution of solar energy that we receive varies as the Earth revolves around the Sun and also in response to changes in the Sun’s activity. Scientists have now been studying solar influences on climate for 5000 years.

The SUN ejecting a Coronal Mass Ejection (CME) that hits Earth

The SUN ejecting a Coronal Mass Ejection (CME) that hits Earth. Of course it's not possible that the SUN burps extra energy at us that might impact our climate, nah.

Chinese imperial astronomers kept detailed sunspot records. They noticed that more sunspots meant warmer weather on Earth. In 1801, the celebrated astronomer William Herschel noticed that when there were few spots, the price of wheat soared – because, he surmised, less “light and heat” from the Sun resulted in reduced harvests.

Is it true then that solar radiation, which supplies Earth with the energy that drives our climate, and caused so many climate shifts over the ages, is no longer the principal influence on climate change?

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Correlation Implies Causation?

Posted by pwl on March 8, 2009

Correlation does not imply causation is a phrase used in the sciences and the statistics to emphasize that correlation between two variables does not imply that one causes the other. Its negation, correlation proves causation, is a logical fallacy by which two events that occur together are claimed to have a cause-and-effect relationship. The fallacy is also known as cum hoc ergo propter hoc (Latin for “with this, therefore because of this”) and false cause. By contrast, the fallacy post hoc ergo propter hoc requires that one event occurs before the other and so may be considered a type of cum hoc.

In a widely-studied example, numerous epidemiological studies showed that women who were taking combined hormone replacement therapy (HRT) also had a lower-than-average incidence of coronary heart disease (CHD), leading doctors to propose that HRT was protective against CHD. But controlled trials showed that HRT caused a small and significant increase in risk of CHD. Re-analysis of the data showed that women undertaking HRT were more likely to be from socio-economic groups ABC1, with better than average diet and exercise regimes. The two were coincident effects of a common cause, rather than cause and effect as had been supposed.

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Skynet Big Brother Platetary Skin Coming To Monitor Earth and YOUR Activities!

Posted by pwl on March 8, 2009

You’ve got to hear their promo video. Eeeek, it’s corporate double speak beyond imagination.


In an effort to transition to a sustainable economy the planetary skin concept proposes a unifying approach to monitoring, measuring, and managing rural environments, rural to urban interconnects, and urban environments. Planetary Skin unifies a distributed nervous system of networked ground, sea, air and space based sensors, machines, and humans all into a cognitive decision space for trusted communities.” – Planetary Skin Promo Video

Yeah, and just who is in that “trusted community”? Not you or I that is for sure.

“Yikes! Their video is corporate government enviro-mental double speak gone wild and crazy! Big Brother will be implemented to enforce the bogus climate change politics of the likes of Al Gore! Yikes!!! Run for the hills, oh wait, Cisco is there with their planetary skin sensors monitoring you! The holier than thou crowd can control swarm after you to correct your 4% exhale of Carbon Dioxide in your breath foot print! They are after you since you didn’t get your lungs downgraded to 1% carbon exhales!

Planetary Skin is no less that the Total Information Awareness Grid/Matrix needed for the USA to combine with their Flying Death Machines to Control the World with the Threat of Death at Any Moment From the SkyNet.

Let’s hope the skin gets a rash.”

Very Scary: “Plantetary skin plays an active role…” in controlling the planet! Yikes.

NASA and Cisco Systems Inc. are developing “Planetary Skin” — a marriage of satellites, land sensors and the Internet — to capture, analyze and interpret global environmental data. Under terms of an agreement announced during a Capitol Hill climate summit today, NASA and Cisco (Nasdaq: CSCO) will develop the online collaborative platform to process data from satellite, airborne and sea- and land-based sensors around the globe.

The goal is to translate the data into information that governments and businesses can use to mitigate and adapt to climate change and manage energy and natural resources more effectively, NASA and Cisco officials explained in interviews.

“There are a lot of data out there, but we have to turn that into information,” explained S. Pete Worden, director of NASA’s Ames Research Center. “What we are trying to do is use Cisco’s expertise in data handling, put our data in there and explain what’s really going on in the rainforests.”

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To Stem or Not To Stem: Your Health At Stake

Posted by pwl on March 8, 2009

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You might want to ask yourself this question

Posted by pwl on March 8, 2009

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David Attenborough, the king of natural history

Posted by pwl on March 8, 2009

A selection of 60+ clips from David Attenborough. Wow!

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