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Oops, Global hurricane activity reaches new lows

Posted by pwl on March 12, 2009

Don’t click this if don’t want factual criticism of global warming. Don’t read the linked article if you are belief stricken and think that climate science is all settled. Don’t click this if you are a blind follower of the likes of Al Gore. If don’t want factual criticism of global warming don’t read this. CAUTION: Factual information about climate change that debunks some aspects of Global Warming Hysteria – don’t click if you’re into Al Gore’s anti-science politics since facts won’t matter to you anyhow.

Global hurricane activity has decreased to the lowest level in 30 years.” OOPS!!!: a

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It’s Time For Some Tunes

Posted by pwl on March 12, 2009

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Rendezvous with Rama

Posted by pwl on March 12, 2009

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Police Abuse of Atheist David Mills

Posted by pwl on March 12, 2009

Next Time Record the PROOF of events like this if possible so that it can be publised!

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What does Science Education Require?

Posted by pwl on March 12, 2009

“Neil deGrasse Tyson (the Director of the Hayden Planetarium at the American Museum of Natural History) responds to comments by Richard Dawkins with some criticism of his tone and attitude.”

This is a lesson that many scientists and atheists could learn. For example, Richard Dawkins and especially those at the anti-science education blog pharyngula where Associate Professor PZ Myers inflicts an Open Season on “fresh meat”, aka those ignorant of his understanding of science, upon all those who visit his site. He even has a dedicated crew who launch personal attacks upon anyone violating the beliefs by asking basic questions of science.

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Diversity of Thinking? Intelligent Falling? Stork Theory?

Posted by pwl on March 12, 2009

It’s all very well to say that the stork delivers the baby, but who delivers the Stork?” – Richard Dawkins, 2009

e=mc^(2+TheHandOfGOD). Since TheHANDofGOD is zero this equation is valid!” – pwl

This is Richard Dawkins’ special introduction to his lecture at the University of Oklahoma on March 6th, 2009.
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Smallest Unit of Distance and Time Confirmed?

Posted by pwl on March 12, 2009

Quantum Noise Confirms Smallest Distance? which is the Planck Length.

planck lengthFor the past seven years, [the GEO600 experiment] has been looking for gravitational waves – ripples in space-time thrown off by super-dense astronomical objects such as neutron stars and black holes. GEO600 has not detected any gravitational waves so far, but it might inadvertently have made the most important discovery in physics for half a century.

For many months, the GEO600 team-members had been scratching their heads over inexplicable noise that is plaguing their giant detector. Then, out of the blue, a researcher approached them with an explanation. In fact, he had even predicted the noise before he knew they were detecting it. According to Craig Hogan, a physicist at the Fermilab particle physics lab in Batavia, Illinois, GEO600 has stumbled upon the fundamental limit of space-time – the point where space-time stops behaving like the smooth continuum Einstein described and instead dissolves into “grains”, just as a newspaper photograph dissolves into dots as you zoom in. “It looks like GEO600 is being buffeted by the microscopic quantum convulsions of space-time,” says Hogan.

If this doesn’t blow your socks off, then Hogan, who has just been appointed director of Fermilab’s Center for Particle Astrophysics, has an even bigger shock in store: “If the GEO600 result is what I suspect it is, then we are all living in a giant cosmic hologram.”

Wow, is the Universe Digital after all?

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Heat your house on next to nothing

Posted by pwl on March 12, 2009

Heat your house on next to nothing, using your wood fireplace and this little beauty. It takes the slightly warm air around your fireplace, pushes it through the hot zone above the flames and out into the room, away from the fireplace, and moves the cold air around toward the fireplace. Yours for only $115.00, delivered assembled to the Metro Vancouver area!! For a little more, I will install and fit it to your fireplace. It’s an easy task, but some people just want things done by the designer. : ]

Actually one could build their own device just like this for very low cost – even lower cost than the price indicated in the video. However, compared with other fireplace heat devices that enable you to maximize the heat used from your fireplace this one might be a good alternative.

Oh, one could route pipes into the home air vents from the fireplace to direct the heat into rooms other than the one with the hearth.

What do you think?

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Religion, Ali’G, and Much Ado About Nothing

Posted by pwl on March 12, 2009

Keep it real, think for yourself.” – Ali’G

Religion from Ali’G’s point of view.

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Colors of Fractional Infinity

Posted by pwl on March 12, 2009

“Arthur C. Clarke presents this unusual documentary on the mathematical discovery of the Mandelbrot Set (M-Set) in the visually spectacular world of fractal geometry. This show relates the science of the M-Set to nature in a way that seems to identify the hand of God in the design of the universe itself. Dr. Mandelbrot in 1980 discovered the infinitely complex geometrical shape called the Mandelbrot Set using a very simple equation with computers and graphics.”

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Succumbing To Nonsense, yes, even Canadians

Posted by pwl on March 12, 2009

One of the things I like about Canada is that its citizens tend not only to be reality-based, but also are so matter-of-fact about it. Of course we don’t think vaccines cause autism, they might say? Why would you ever think that? But some do succumb to nonsense. And some of these can be high profile.

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The Day The Earth Stood Still

Posted by pwl on March 12, 2009

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Why it’s a good thing to keep lightsabers banned

Posted by pwl on March 12, 2009

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So Now That You Have Zombies What To Do?

Posted by pwl on March 12, 2009

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Gay Gene? A Biological Explanation for Human Sexual Orientation

Posted by pwl on March 12, 2009

Gay Gene? A Biological Explanation for Human Sexual Orientation. Presented by Cynthia Chappell PhD:

“Is sexuality a choice? It’s a question that’s plagued science and society since the American Psychological Association stopped referring to homosexuality as a disease in the early 1970s. There are those who believe that parental and other societal influences can lead to a child growing up gay. Others contend that sexuality is based in biology — that there are genes responsible for a person’s sexual preference.” – Quirks and Quarks

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