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Heat your house on next to nothing

Posted by pwl on March 12, 2009

Heat your house on next to nothing, using your wood fireplace and this little beauty. It takes the slightly warm air around your fireplace, pushes it through the hot zone above the flames and out into the room, away from the fireplace, and moves the cold air around toward the fireplace. Yours for only $115.00, delivered assembled to the Metro Vancouver area!! For a little more, I will install and fit it to your fireplace. It’s an easy task, but some people just want things done by the designer. : ]

Actually one could build their own device just like this for very low cost – even lower cost than the price indicated in the video. However, compared with other fireplace heat devices that enable you to maximize the heat used from your fireplace this one might be a good alternative.

Oh, one could route pipes into the home air vents from the fireplace to direct the heat into rooms other than the one with the hearth.

What do you think?


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