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Science Smackdown: Bill Nye vs. Richard Lindzen

Posted by pwl on March 13, 2009

If you wish to issue a scare remarks you should make accurate according to the science.” – Richard Lindzen

Richard Lindzen was on Larry King Live [~ February 02, 2007] discussing Global Warming with a panel of experts that included Bill Nye the Science Guy. A TV personality and former sketch comedy member against an atmospheric physicist and a professor of meteorology at MIT. Julian Morris and Lindzen make excellent points for which the alarmists have no answer. It’s the same old song and dance, they always mention the “consensus” and the IPCC report.

Richard Siegmund Lindzen, Ph.D., (born February 8, 1940) is a Harvard trained atmospheric physicist and the Alfred P. Sloan Professor of Meteorology at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Lindzen is known for his research in dynamic meteorology, especially planetary waves. He has published over 200 books and scientific papers. He was the lead author of Chapter 7 (physical processes) of the Third Assessment Report of the IPCC on global warming (2001). He has been a critic of some anthropogenic global warming theories and the political pressures surrounding climate scientists.

William Sanford Nye (born November 27, 1955, Washington, D.C.)[1] also known as “Bill Nye the Science Guy,” is an American comedian, television host, science educator and mechanical engineer.

Bill Nye is also known as “Bill The End is Nye [Nigh] Science Guy” since Bill is on board with the doomsday scenarios presented by Al Gore’s nightmare science fiction visions in “An Inconvenient Truth” soothsaying a bleak future based upon the most extreme possibilities. Which is why Lindzen’s quote about scare remarks is so relevant. More on that in another posting.

If one is basing a decision on who to believe it’s clear that Richard Lindzen out classes Bill Nye by a country mile or Canadian kilometer. The key to remember that science is about science and not authorities. So how to determine which one is speaking closer to the truth than the other? In this case to me it sounds like Lindzen was talking more hard core science in a more understandable manner that allows one to get at the underlying notions rather than just spouting beliefs as Bill Nye seemed to be doing. However, for me the jury is still out since it’s the science that rules in the end not the personalities. The quest continues.

What about you? What do you think?

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