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The People Vs Bush

Posted by pwl on March 17, 2009

People V Bush

People V Bush dot ca

We dare not blink at the magnitude, diversity and pervasive impact of the known crimes committed by the Bush administration. Wars of aggression in Afghanistan and Iraq, the Supreme International Crime, have killed hundreds of thousands outright, wounded, sickened and malnourished many more than they have killed and sent millions as refugees to neighboring nations while rendering homeless millions more. Indiscriminate killing of civilians, summary execution, arbitrary seizures of people and property, secret unlimited detention and torture have been authorized, widely practiced and both defended and denied publicly. President Bush, the self-proclaimed “decider,” reached for unlimited dictatorial power whenever he proclaimed the national security was threatened. And he considered himself above the law where domestic affairs were concerned even a he signed Acts of Congress into law.” – William Ramsey Clark, is a lawyer and former United States Attorney General.

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Al Gore you’ve doomed us all to hell tilting at your windmills

Posted by pwl on March 17, 2009

Al Gore you've doomed us all to hell tilting at your windmills.

Al Gore you've doomed us all to hell tilting at your windmills.

Cartoon by xkcd 😉

I’m all for windmills, hydro and solar power where possible, just not for tilting at with being doomed by false claims and crusades of human caused global warming. Actual science yes, false claims nope – cut it out Al.


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