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Religion Masquerading as Sci Fi, a Knowing CONversion Attempt using Religo Sly-Fi Tactics

Posted by pwl on March 22, 2009

SPOILER ALERT details revealed.

The film Knowing pretends that it’s Science Fiction yet is a full on brain injection of the biblical story of the Garden of Eden, Noah’s Arc and the Rapture with a twist which is that “aliens” aka “angels” steal away, well invite away, a small number of human children in a Noah’s Arc and take them to a new planet to start humanity again, a lush Eden with a giant white Tree of Life. Rabbits are along for the ride to show the kiddies how it’s done. Yes, that’s it.

So the movie is basically a hammed up discussion of “determinism” verses “randomness” and meaningless aiming to decore your brain’s critical centers with the mind poo of religio sly fi trickery.

Still it was an ok film, better than the remake of The Day The Earth Stood Still of last year.

Oh, the disaster – other than the multiply accurately predictive disaster numerology – is that the Sun has a Giant Solar Coronal Mass Ejection headed our way to fry us all for our sins. Or is it all random and gods alien angels are just there to save us so that she can carry on her sadistic experiments with humans? Who the heck knows, the point of the film is to sell lots of tickets into the USA massively delusional religious market who’ll eat up this film as if it’s hard science fiction which couldn’t be further from the truth as is usually the case with the invisible friend crowd.

What is it with gods and science fiction lately? Is it all demographic sales plotting? First Battlestar Galactica and now Knowing.

This higher power rates the film as a good film worth seeing but make sure to put your brain back into your skull in case it’s fallen out during their attempt to program you with their invisible friend mind poo.

Oh yeah, the Earth gets toasted pretty good. Gotta like that. Of course they “hint” at “all the warmth we’ve been having” to leverage off of the AWG scare… let’s hope they are wrong about a giant solar flare coming at us… I’ve got lots more to do in life before nothingness takes me back to nothing but star dust. It’s a cold brutal universe. No angel aliens will save us, not even a few of us, no rapture for you kiddies, not even those with rabbits as pets.

Oh, yes the main child character seems to be fascinated with animals of all kinds. We see lots of the Discovery Channel and David Attenborough’s shows near the start of the film. In the end the wild life being “saved” are the children of the doomed species humanity.

The film also expertly manipulates the emotions and in that regards can be considered to connect with the audience.

Religo-science fiction. Sigh. Enjoy but put your brain back in your skull before you get up from your movie theater chair.

One Response to “Religion Masquerading as Sci Fi, a Knowing CONversion Attempt using Religo Sly-Fi Tactics”

  1. bored troll said

    It looks like a terrible film to me. I don’t think it was ever released in the UK. Also it doesn’t really seem like a sic fi film. Aliens don’t make something sci fi, most of the gods in sci fi are fantasy elements (both sci fi and fantasy are about a world in which things are fundamentally different to ours in some special ways – while showcasing the similarities in others – scifi creates such a world through technological advances, fantasy does it by (generally) being less technologically advanced and often through widespread use of various forms of magic, both make suggestions about ways the world might work that are not the belief today (e.g. voyager going through wormholes, the healer (fun book) landing on a libertarian planet that discovered that corporal punishment was necessary, there being Aedra and Deadra in the Elder Scrolls series and how they interact with the world).

    What in the world is “hard” sci fi… the kind where big burly men fight each other for a bird?

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