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The Limits of Science, an interview with Freeman Dyson

Posted by pwl on March 30, 2009

Freeman Dyson is professor emeritus of physics at the Institute for Advanced Study.

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When to Quit?

Posted by pwl on March 30, 2009

An interesting point of view.

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Ayn Rand, Objectivism and Modern Physics – some thoughts

Posted by pwl on March 30, 2009

From my perspective.

I find Ayn Rand’s writing and films quite boring and dry although parts can be fascinating.

What is clear however is the notion of objective reality as distinct from ourselves. While this isn’t an idea original to Rand it’s the key notion in her objectivism that forms the foundation for the rest which can be taken or cast aside.

The three core axioms of Existence, Consciousness and Identity are irreducible. And again these ideas are not original to Rand.

Yet the combination of these ideas and others is unique to Rand and that is her value to humanity.

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