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CO2 sends us to our destruction? Not on Earth!

Posted by pwl on April 1, 2009

Originally seen as a comment on the slashdot article Is Alcohol Killing Our Planet? where this ignorant tidbit was shouted in the best crying of wolf and fire:

CO2 is helping to warm our planet, sending us into destruction

Your kidding right?

You’re being irresponsible shouting wolf or fire when there is nothing to see. Move along already.

Clearly the evidence for C02 as a poison and agent of global warming has been utterly debunked by now: here at Watts Up With That dot com on a daily basis and the goring the science fiction spun by Gore and the ice age and making sense of data here [] and the spinning alarmists and generally Paths To Knowledge dot Net climate science category. Most importantly don’t forget Unsetteling Foundations of Climate Science by Dr. Lindzen. Then there is Climate Audit dot org that regularly excoriates the so called climate science.

C02 as THE cause of Global Warming is nothing more than a lame correlation, there are a number of other correlations that are much better. Also C02 levels can be much higher without harm as it was in the many millions of years of Earth’s history when the levels where 10 times higher than now!!! Life lived and evolved just fine under ~4,000 ppm of C02 in the atmosphere.

And if you think that the science is settled then you are NOT a scientist and you DO NOT support the scientific method or the process of science education where people who are ignorant of the science ask questions to learn: see Richard Feynman on Scientific Investigation here.

Besides almost all Canadians that I ask want it to be 5c to 10c warmer up here as that will open up the Northern areas, which are a plenty, for development and farming opportunities! We’re tired of 90% of us living within 200 miles of the USA border! We’re tired of our igloos, we want actual homes!

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