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Your not so friendly Neutron Bomb, it’s not even about Sanity

Posted by pwl on April 6, 2009

“A neutron bomb, technically referred to as an enhanced radiation weapon (ERW), is a type of tactical nuclear weapon formerly built mainly by the United States specifically to release a large portion of its energy as energetic neutron radiation. This contrasts with standard thermonuclear weapons, which are designed to capture this intense neutron radiation to increase its overall explosive yield. In terms of yield, ERWs typically produce about one-tenth that of most fission-type atomic weapons.[1] Even with their significantly lower explosive power, ERWs are still capable of much greater destruction than any conventional bomb. Meanwhile, relative to other nuclear weapons, damage is more focused on biological material than on material infrastructure (though extreme blast and heat effects are not eliminated …).” – Wikipedia on Neutron Bombs.

Then there is this monster of all nukes so far.

Yes, all forms of nukes are evil no matter who sets them off.

Americans destroyed Hiroshima with a Tiny Nuke Bomb.

Americans destroyed Nagasaki with a Tiny Nuke Bomb.

Tread carefully America. All it takes is a few of these… and western advanced civilization crumbles…

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