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Yes of course, the resurrection of Jesus is a myth for the laws of Nature can’t be broken by anyone not even mythical figures or invisible friends

Posted by pwl on April 12, 2009

As anyone who knows anything about biology will tell you, dead bodies can’t rise from the dead once they have experienced brain death or their heart stops and their organs die. Sure in a modern medical hospital or with CPR a heart can sometimes be restarted, not as frequently as TV lets us believe, but ~2008 years ago they didn’t know about CPR or have emergency rooms anywhere on the planet!

Nature is a harsh mistress which is to say that not even a man named Jesus can rise from the dead once his brain stopped it’s biological processes, once his heart stopped, once his organs stopped. Also, three days of rotting would also prevent him from looking good.

So enjoy your myth with the sure and certain knowledge backed up by the biological sciences of cold hard objective reality, Jesus’s resurrection is a myth and nothing more.

The purpose of the myth is to get you to suspend your rational thinking process so that you can be a good member of the flock and bow down to the cult of the church or congregation. The purpose of the myth is to compromise your thinking process so much so that you can be controlled by the leaders of the cult who desire to take advantage of your gullibility.

The purpose of the Resurrection of Jesus Myth is to suck you into their death after life cult and all that it entails.

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