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CO2 is Plant Food and An Essential Nutrient for Life on Earth

Posted by pwl on April 18, 2009

Everyone knows that C02 is plant food. Plants love it. They literally breath in C02 and exhale what we need to live, oxygen. Our friends the plants NEED C02!

At the current levels (just below 400 ppm) in the atmosphere plants flourish. At levels of 1,000 ppm commercial green house operators find that plants flourish even more!!!

At levels of 8,000 ppm of C02 in the atmosphere (20x the current levels in the atmosphere) humans do just fine operating the fleet of nuclear submarines of the United States of America. Yes, the sailors who can wipe out life on planet Earth live every day for months at a time submerged in a C02 rich environment making critical thinking decisions that impact us all. Without incident for decades now.

C02 is a gas that contributes to the “green house effect”. Yes, green houses benefit from this effect by upping the C02 levels and keeping temperatures warmer.

Some say that increased levels of C02 are a problem because it’s going to destroy the earth somehow.

Yet water, H2O, is the most common green house gas. The earth is covered in 70%+ with water. Since water is a much more potent green house gas shouldn’t we fear water? Many people drown each year, clearly water is dangerous. Many people are killed in floods and tsunami each year, clearly water is dangerous. By this logic water should be banned! No more water! Anything that generates water or that puts steam into the atmosphere MUST be banned! That means that clean running cars that emit water vapor must be banned since they are generating H20, a clearly dangerous green house gas!!!

Clearly all human activities that generate water must be banned!!!

Get some perspective people, especially you so called environmentalists who want to ban C02. Life is a cycle. C02 and H20 are not “evil” nor “good” they just are what they are, molecules. Clearly C02 is not dangerous in the concentrations we have in the atmosphere and it would take enormous generation of C02 to raise the levels to 1,000 ppm and beyond where plants really flourish which isn’t even in the worst case predictions of the freaked out scientists of the IPCC who are predicting doom and gloom.

C02 is essential to life on earth. Plants love it. We love plants. More C02 is better for plants which means a greener Earth!!! Different plants can take advantage of different amount of C02.
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Christopher Hitchens supports Human Rights be Practiced by Those in State Power

Posted by pwl on April 18, 2009

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