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Dim Sun | Cold Earth?

Posted by pwl on April 22, 2009

Thanks to the CBC.

At the end they entrancingly have a couple of sentences about how this dim sun won’t cool the Earth enough to compensate for their imagined global warming. It’s just a disappointing brush off and not a serious treatment.

Who can slice and dice this news report? Please do. What is correct and what is just false? Why?

Sunspot maximum on left, sunspot minimum on right.

Over at Watts Up With That they are taking a poll on watt to call the current solar minimum? I personally like Dim Sun!!! I also happen to like Dim Sum…

Sun Sui Wah dot com Dim Sum.

Just as only the best in Dim Sum is acceptable, only the best in Dim Sun Science is acceptable!!! Especially on Earth Day.

Here is a hauntingly beautiful video with music. Very beautiful in a horrifying way.

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