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Catlin Arctic Ice Survey Puts Their Lives on the line for their beliefs in Global Warming, watch out for thin ice along with thin science

Posted by pwl on April 23, 2009

Caring about the earth to their deaths? Wouldn’t the earth be better served without their sacrifice of toes, limbs, and lives (should it come to that)? They are supposedly highly trained scientists after all, aren’t they? No point throwing away their lives for an unproven belief, is there?

Isn’t fear mongering fun? Let’s have at their fear mongering then… here we go.

Oops… it’s getting cold again, how inconvenient…

Oh, there is the latest satellite phone interview with the Survey from Earth Day.

Graphic pictures of almost lost toes follow… ick… very gorey… really ick… plus more videos…

Ah, Al Gore’s real handiwork, er, gorey footiwork? Sorry about that, just can’t resist the dark humour. It runs in the family, mine not his, as he’s not going to do much running for some time with toes like that.

Ouch, that’s gotta hurt. Would you risk life, limb and digits to test your scientific hypothesis? Shivers…

Stop with the toe pics, please!!! Wasn’t any science done on this mission?

Wow, they could actually get themselves killed up there fairly easily. All for their belief in global warming as caused by man. They’d be some of the first real casualties of that belief.

For the absolute latest news on this bizarre science mission to the North Pole where the scientists are foolishly risking their lives for, to put it in their own words, “a little science”, click this google news search for Catlin Arctic Survey.

Is it reasonable to risk life, limb and digits measuring ice thickness in the arctic? Swimming through the ice water? Are these guys (and lady) nutso? or what?

The videos including the Earth Day propaganda piece with an interview of the insanity via satellite phone… yikes icky toe frost bite pics… shivers and I’m not even there. I lived in Edmonton during the 1970’s for eight of the coldest years and I can tell you there would have to be a very compelling reason to go out for extended periods into the great northern outdoors. These scientists must be highly belief stricken with their “cause” yet they admit that they aren’t doing much science. It seems like it was just an excuse for an adventure cloaked in the guise of science… I guess we’ll have to wait and see their papers… assuming they survive their self imposed ordeal… double yikes… black toes… ick…

Catlin Arctic Ice Survey Puts Their Lives on the line for their beliefs in Global Warming, watch out for thin ice along with thin science

Is it reasonable to foolishly risk your life as a scientist for your “belief” in something so nebulous as human caused global warming? This raises serious questions of judgement capability in these “trekkers” who think they are doing something for the Earth. In fact they seem to be harming the fragile northern climate by traveling across the pristine environment. Maybe they’ll make a contribution to a polar bear in their quest for superman’s crystal palace?

I don’t see how traveling along one path can give accurate ice measurements for the entire north? A quest for santa? A quest for global warming? Santa sounds like a better bet…

Ok, maybe I’m just being cynical… maybe the ground penetrating radar they are pulling along will measure the ice thickness (questionable given that the device is constantly changing it’s altitude – unless that doesn’t matter)… can this validate the satellite measurements? Well have to wait and see.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for people using the scientific method to test their hypotheses… but seriously how far are you really willing to take it? Would you put your life on the line to test your scientific hypothesis?

Here are some more videos.

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