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Skynet Is Watching You From The Sky, yes really they are!!! Not black copters, white ones… see…

Posted by pwl on April 25, 2009

These photos and video where taken in Vancouver, BC, Canada a few weeks ago. Yes, it is a real surveillance helicopter… just don’t know who’s they are flying it for… Vancouver Police? CSIS (Canada’s spy agency)? RCMP? News? Someone else?

The chopper was flying near Vancouver General Hospital however it’s NOT a medical chopper as it didn’t land on the hospital like many choppers do. No, it circled for a while, maybe five to ten minutes… My Cannon G9 camera wasn’t going to get any better shots… need an SLR with a telephoto lens for that… besides I wanted closeups with the photo function of the camera. Anyway these are max optical zoom with digital zoom due to cropping and image magnification… otherwise no filters or touch ups… I tried a sharpen but it didn’t really help as the G9 is a bit grainy when you zoom in lots.

Here are some close up shots taken with the same camera in photo mode.

Can anyone tell what kind of chopper this is? What kind of camera is that? What are it’s capabilities? Whose chopper is it?

3 Responses to “Skynet Is Watching You From The Sky, yes really they are!!! Not black copters, white ones… see…”

  1. John said

    Bell 206L3

    If you like, I can introduce you to the owners of this helicopter.

  2. John said

    The URL’s that I put into the comment above are all stripped out.

    Here it is again without tags.

  3. john said

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