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Got my Star Trek tickets! First night! Yes.

Posted by pwl on May 3, 2009

In with the new! Yes, a new trailer too!!!

Out with the old. Homage.

Back to reality for just a moment. Now for some reality!!! Science Fiction is usually full of shit. Watch, learn and enjoy!!!

Gotta make fun of oneself.


More fun.

Stiller even more fun.

“Spock I have breasts” – Kirk. “Captain, so do I” – Spock.

Ok, getting Caried away!

The Animated Star Trek filled the void when there where no live action shows. Awesome. Retro.

Star Trek meets the Flinstones!!!

Ok, fans make a lot of trek episodes. Not your JJ Abrams production by any means.

Some more comedy.

Ah!!! Pest control! Finally!

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