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Catlin Arctic Survey Pollutes the Pristine Arctic Wilderness?

Posted by pwl on May 4, 2009

Evidence of pollution via abandoned fuel drums on Ellesmere Island Source: and

Montreal Gazette, Thursday, August 28 2008

Standing near the edge of the Northwest Passage, Prime Minister Stephen Harper announced a pair of measures yesterday to boost Canada’s ability to prevent pollution and monitor shipping in its Arctic waters.

The Harper government plans to introduce legislation that will extend the enforcement zone of the Arctic Waters Pollution Prevention Act, which prohibits ships from dumping waste.

If the facts show that the Catlin Survey or their support teams left these oil drums in the Arctic on Ellesmere Island THEN THEY HAVE POLLUTED the Canadian Arctic and Canadian Law Ought to be brought to bear upon them for such egregious acts of anti-environmental pollution.

Here is one law in Canada that might apply. What other environmental laws would apply and for which charges against the Catlin Arctic Survey can be brought (should they be guilty of the accusation of polluting the arctic)?

Oil Pollution Prevention: A Global Effort

Oil spills pose a serious threat to wildlife, such as the sea otter.

Reporting Pollution, do your part and report this pollution incident.

Canadian Arctic Waters Pollution Prevention Act


An Act to prevent pollution of areas of the arctic waters adjacent to the mainland and islands of the Canadian arctic

WHEREAS Parliament recognizes that recent developments in relation to the exploitation of the natural resources of arctic areas, including the natural resources of the Canadian arctic, and the transportation of those resources to the markets of the world are of potentially great significance to international trade and commerce and to the economy of Canada in particular;

AND WHEREAS Parliament at the same time recognizes and is determined to fulfil its obligation to see that the natural resources of the Canadian arctic are developed and exploited and the arctic waters adjacent to the mainland and islands of the Canadian arctic are navigated only in a manner that takes cognizance of Canada’s responsibility for the welfare of the Inuit and other inhabitants of the Canadian arctic and the preservation of the peculiar ecological balance that now exists in the water, ice and land areas of the Canadian arctic;

NOW THEREFORE, Her Majesty, by and with the advice and consent of the Senate and House of Commons of Canada, enacts as follows:
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