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Delusional Utterances by The Al-mighty nut Gore

Posted by pwl on May 8, 2009

Shivers, it’s getting cold in here – how inconvenient. Please don’t destroy our planet by attempting to save it Gore. Don’t Gore Earth with faulty science, please.

Ok, to be fair, Al Gore is a politician who – for some motivation – has tried to grasp and understand the issues around the “global warming as caused by man” hypothesis (whatever that actually is today), yet he had failed to get even basic facts right. This is not surprising since many politicians get it wrong when it comes to science, heck even scientists get it wrong! It’s such an early science without much good data (the data keep changing which itself is a red alert) and a diverse set of scientific opinions of what is going on and it seems very little actual HARD science. Maybe we’ll have it right in a thousand years… since we’ll have more accurate data then. Until then stock up on winter wear and sunscreen just in case the ice age or the warming commeth. Hedging your bets is a good idea due to the uncertain data and bad science that’s out there in the public.

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