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Proofs against Anthropogenic Global Warming

Posted by pwl on May 27, 2009

Two amazing videos and an excellent and clear paper that disprove the AGWH (anthropogenic global warming hypothesis).

CBC Documentary: Doomsday Called Off

“in the period of ~4,000 years ago to ~2,000 years ago, which is actually the Roman Age, ice core temperatures had been decreasing by 2.5c degrees… then temperatures increased to the mideveal warm period ~1,000 years ago. Then temperatures declined till around 1750 AD and came back up in the 18th century and then around 1875 we have the coldest point in the last 8,000 years.” – Jorgen Peder Steffensen, curator, Niels Bohr Institute, Department of Geophysics. Steffensen is involved in ice core research.

All before man made C02 emissions occurred. The coldest point in the last 8,000 years was ~140 years ago! WOW! As you can see in the graph we’re potentially just emerging from this period. Even the worst predictions of increases in warming won’t bring us back to the highest temperatures in the last eight thousand years for a very long time.

The Great Global Warming Swindle

Well worth reading is this excellent paper Disproving AWG.

The main predictions from the AGW models are:

1. The average Earth’s temperature will increase at a rate of 0.20C to 0.60C per decade at least to 2100, and will continue to climb after that if the CO2 continues to be produced by human activity at current predicted rates.

2. The increasing temperature will cause increased water evaporation, which is the cause for the positive feedback needed to reach the high temperatures.

3. The temperature at lower latitudes (especially tropical regions) will increase more in the lower Troposphere at moderate altitudes than near the surface.

4. The greatest near surface temperature increases will occur at the higher latitudes.

5. The increasing temperature at higher latitudes will cause significant Antarctic and Greenland ice melt. These combined with ocean expansion due to warming will cause significant ocean rise and flooding.

6. A temperature drop in the lower Stratosphere will accompany the temperature increase near the surface. The shape of the trend down in the Stratosphere should be close to a mirror reflection of the near surface trend up.

Each of these points is addressed in depth and dispensed with in the paper whose conclusions are:

The final question that arises is what prediction has the AGW made that has been demonstrated, and that strongly supports the theory. It appears that there is NO real supporting evidence and much disagreeing evidence for the AGW theory as proposed. That is not to say there is no effect from Human activity. Clearly human pollution (not greenhouse gases) is a problem. There is also almost surely some contribution to the present temperature from the increase in CO2 and CH4, but it seems to be small and not a driver of future climate. Any reasonable scientific analysis must conclude the basic theory wrong!!

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