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Archive for May 30th, 2009

On Being Negotiated Down and Discounted till you’re worth Nada, Ziltch, Nothing, Zippo, Zero, Null, Nil, …

Posted by pwl on May 30, 2009

I get this way too often in real life along with con games of all sorts that are attempted to various degrees of success. Defense screens on maximum.

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The Way of the Tony Jaa

Posted by pwl on May 30, 2009

Need I say anything? Awesome beyond awesome.

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When you Drag Me To Hell I’ll be Laughing All the Way!

Posted by pwl on May 30, 2009

Drag Me To Hell is one of the funniest movies I’ve seen a very long time. Sure it’s got gore, squirting blood, absurdities and of course nasty monsters and all but it’s one funny scary spine tingling movie! On the LTS scale it gets FIVE spine tingles with three of them being full body tingles and two nice spine tingles! Just when it’s funny is when they pull the scary bits making for an excellent unexpected surprise. Sure the pregnant woman to my right had a look of disgust on her face whenever I looked… her husband seemed to enjoy the film though… on my left was another woman clinging to her man with a smile on her face… if you like to squirm this movie has got it in store for you as it drags you to hell! This really is a movie to see in the theaters since the audience reaction is part of the fun!

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