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Roland Emmerich is a GOD!!! 2012, the best most horrific action packed disaster film ever!!! This film puts Al Gore’s wettest dreams to shame!!!

Posted by pwl on August 1, 2009

Al Gore’s wettest dreams of global destruction don’t even come anywhere close to this awesome beyond awesome film, 2012! Sorry Al, just like your film An Inconvenient Truth, 2012 is just science fiction – none of it’s going to happen (unless we don’t stop the asteroid – see below!!!!). So sit back with your drink and pop corn and enjoy the ride!

Ok, the real trailer for the film (short version):

A pretty funny review of the movie with N special effects, where N is ___!

The second trailer, medium length. Awesome!

The full on third hard core extended version of the trailer that really shows mega destruction!!! YES!!! Al Gore eat your heart out! Oh, this one can only be viewed at youtube… since they turned off embedding….

Oh the FEAR! Soothsayers predicting DOOM and DESTRUCTION!!! Yikes!!!

Nope, no hard science behind the warnings! No soothsayers can’t predict the future! Sorry Al Gore, that includes climate soothsayers in the ninny crowd of those that can’t predict the future!

But does it have Nazi’s or Zombies??? Nope, for that you’ll need to see this film.

This is the real concern that we face:

Oh, the lunacy. You’ve got to love how insane we humans really are…

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