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Gilligan’s Island Sinking due to Global Warming (AGW)? The condemned will eat a hearty meal.

Posted by pwl on October 9, 2009

The condemned will eat a hearty meal.

Anthropomorphic Global Warming Hits Gilligan’s Island with a vengeance.

“Just like in real life with Anthropomorphic Global Warming the professors hypothesis of the island sinking is proven false due to bad data collection, misinterpretation, and above all fear based soothsaying of the future when it’s not prudent nor scientifically possible.

Fear NOT, CO2 is life as it’s an essential plant nutrient needed for our friends the plants to grow strong and lush. CO2 is needed to feed the ever growing human population.

If you want to save the environment stop REAL pollution like the Great Pacific Garbage Patch.”


Gilligan’s Island Sinking due to Global Warming (AGW)?
From: MountThor | October 09, 2009 | 291 views
Unfortunately Warner Brothers chose to prevent even a fair use of Gilligan’s island from occurring. There are 98 episodes of Gilligan’s Island of about 25 minutes each for a total of about 2450 minutes. The video which was deleted was about 8 minutes and 40 seconds, say 9 minutes… that’s less than 0.37% of the total footage ever shot and broadcast which makes the amount I used fair use under international copyright laws. The copyrights were left intact as were the shot titles and a thank you for usage was added to this descriptive note (not that that is necessary for fair use situations). The footage was ONLY used since it provides a public commentary on the politics of global warming and how the data the so called science is based upon is flawed as was the science the professor used in his conclusion that the island is sinking was flawed.

I refer you to: where you’ll see that this limited in size video expert for non-profit review and critique and commentary meets all the criteria for fair use.

I subscribe to the Code of Best Practices in Fair Use for Online Video.…

I kindly request the permission of Warner Brothers to use this limited extract for not for profit political commentary.

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