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Archive for November 30th, 2009

Selected Alleged Climate Data and Programs posted by Real Climate

Posted by pwl on November 30, 2009

Extracting all of one’s teeth would have been preferable than what the alleged scientists of the Climategate scandal have done dragging their feet to post the data and code for their alleged ManN Caused Global Warming Climate Change (AGW Hypothesis).

Of course one must be suspicious of the data they have posted since their proven track record of doctoring the data leads many to consider their integrity.

The Real Climate web site is RUN by the Climategate alleged scientists who are now known to have doctored the data. A full audit is required of this new posting by them.

If only they had done their scientific duty when first asked YEARS ago!

The video summarized the details of the alleged crimes of the alleged scientists of Climategate who control Real Climate dot org (Gavin Schmidt, Michael Mann, et. al..

The data and code page need to be taken with suspicion due to the alleged crimes which the Climategate files show. The burden of proof is now squarely upon these Climategate alleged scientists to PROVE that this data is unprocessed RAW and that it was processed the way they claim. In science the burden of proof is upon those making the claims, and that is ten times the case when those alleged scientists have been shown to be unethical (which is being generous to them).

“This page is a catalogue that will be kept up to date pointing to selected sources of code and data related to climate science.”
Alleged Climate Science Data at Real Climate

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Al Gore Illegally Assaulting, Harassing and Detaining People With his Security Goons With Guns To Avoid Any Questions on Climategate and AGW

Posted by pwl on November 30, 2009

Three men assaulted by goons under orders from Al Gore.

Does Al Gore still think he has sovereign powers as an ex-president? Where does Al Gore get off illegally forcibly assaulting people who ask him questions he doesn’t like? I know of nothing in the US Constitution that would permit a private citizen to use force as was done here multiple times.

The evidence shows that Al Gore considers questions on Climategate and AGW from non-violent people to be an imminent security threat as he orders his (secret service?) security detail to forcibly remove three people who ask inconvenient questions Mr Gore doesn’t like.

“CHICAGO IL – On Tuesday, November 24th 2009, We Are Change Chicago attended a book signing with former vice president Al Gore, at the Borders Bookstore on 150 N. State Street.

First up was Saad Ali. As he approached Gore, he peacefully and respectably asked, “Sir, can you comment on the emails and documents that were hacked [ClimateGate] that reveal… that the research was a fraud and that it was all manipulated?” Gore, with an evil smirk, claimed that “he never read them.” By the look on his face and his stutter, it became quite clear that Gore was extremely uncomfortable with the question, so he quickly glared towards his security. The agents grabbed and assaulted Saad, escorting him away from Gore for merely asking a simple question. The press took notice and started filming and snapping pictures of what was going on. One of which appeared the next day in the Chicago Sun Times.”

Quotes, image and video from Al Gore Confronted On Climategate in Chicago

This of course isn’t the first time that Al Gore has used intimidation and assault to stifle free debate and free speech of his critics as these following videos testify to.

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