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Shaping the News? A conspiracy of Values? A conspiracy of Belief in AGW? A Google Al Gore Rythm?

Posted by pwl on December 2, 2009

Following on the Watts Up With That article on Google Trends I was curious. Naturally.

Spending a few minutes with Google Trends I typed in “Monckton” and the graph of searches goes up with time while the new reports go down with time. They, the mainstream news, seems to be avoiding Christopher Monckton like the plague.

As this Google Trend (link at bottom) shows this trend graph is troubling for a number of possible reasons.

For starters it is obvious that Christopher Monckton is having an impact through Al Gore’s Intertubes and alternative sources.

It’s also clear that Monckton is being avoided by the mainstream press, at least those that are included in the Google Trends.

Could it be the “manufacturing of consent” that Noam Chomsky talks about at length where it is “shared values and beliefs” that creates the “conspiracy” to subvert certain ideas, thoughts, and people or groups, and not an explicit phone call such as Al Gore calling up his fellow board members at Google and other friends at news companies and saying “down with Monckton” in the news?

Alas it’s not a question that is likely to be answered, although we did think that before the revelations of the Climategate emails, data and programs were released which confirmed the long suspected criminal behavior of Jones, Mann, et. al. and of the fraudulent activities of AGW promoters such as Al Gore.

I do wonder though what it will take for Christopher Monckton to breakout into the mainstream news media. Maybe his attendance at the up coming Copenhagen Climate Conference (of global domination) will enable him access to the mainstream press in ways that they can’t ignore? We’ll see. It certainly will enable one to see the “shared values” of the mainstream news media in a new light.

We have seen Noam Chomsky’s principle of “Manufacturing Consent” working with the Climategate criminals Jones, Mann, et. al.. A conspiracy of “values and beliefs”, an elitist clique that thought that they were above the rest of the people they worked for, us. Other scientists have this “academic” elitist bias or shared value, that says that you need not just the “qualifications” but the “right attitude” otherwise you’re “outside the group”. Einstein broke the mold as have McIntyre and others, Einstein was a “patent clerk” when he worked on his famous breakthroughs.

But wait there more of interest at the Google Trends.

Let’s see how Al Gore baby compares with Christopher Monckton.

How do “climate” and “climategate” searches compare? Well we see many more searches for “climate” and not the new buzz word “climategate”. We also see articles about “climate” but not about “climategate”. I wonder how this will “trend” over time, say in a month?

Adding in “obama” to the mix shows a big spike about his trip, plus some actual news items (those boxes with letters, try the link yourself to see the news articles). The “E” news item is “Obama to go to climate summit Irish Examiner – Nov 25 2009″

Strangely “Copenhagen” didn’t show up any results.

It’s also revealing that none of the “climategate” trend lines had any “news stories” on it even though when you search for “climategate” in the Google News you do get news stories. I wonder what “Al Gore rhythm” Google is using there?

It certainly is an interesting tool, this Google Trends. Try it for yourself and if you find anything of interest please link it in the comments. Thanks.

Google Trend searches:
Monckton, Al Gore.
Climate, Climategate.
Climate, Climategate, Obama.

You might want to try searching with other search engines as well. Try out the new Bing from Microsoft. Note that all news search engines might skew the data to their own “shared values” in some way or another. It’s best to search multiple engines at times.

Note that the graphs in this article were from December 2, 2009 around 1:20 pm.

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