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Shaping the News Masterfully, Jon Stewart Frames Climategate

Posted by pwl on December 2, 2009

We have seen Noam Chomsky’s principle of “Manufacturing Consent” working with the Climategate criminals Jones, Mann, et. al.. A conspiracy of “values and beliefs”, an elitist clique that thought that they were above the rest of the people they worked for, us. Other scientists have this “academic” elitist bias or shared value, that says that you need not just the “qualifications” but the “right attitude” otherwise you’re “outside the group”. Einstein broke the mold as have McIntyre and others, Einstein was a “patent clerk” when he worked on his famous breakthroughs.

Now we see it with Jon Stewart. While making light of the Climategate in a really funny way he reveals his bias in that he “believes” in “global warming” when he says “does it [Climategate] disprove global warming, no”. Unfortunately it’s much more complex than Jon Stewart realizes and that his shared values and beliefs in “global warming” blind him from deeper inquiry. OR, as a masterful media perception shaper he’s doing his job of making people laugh with short segments and the Climategate is way too much to get into and his demographic also shares his values in “global warming”.

In any event the science will clearly demonstrate what’s going on as time unfolds and Nature does what she does.

What’s interesting in Jon Stewart’s masterful media play is really how good he is at it.

I love yeah Jon, your a very funny guy, just get on the same page as objective reality of Nature with regards to climate change.

For example Jon Stewart, the polar bear population has been increasing not declining.

You got it right though that the oceans are rising due to “gods tears” although there is no evidence for “god” (and plenty of evidence against) so that means the oceans are just doing what they do within the laws of the objective reality of Nature.

While it’s very doubtful that humans are causing the oceans to rise we are having an impact polluting them with garbage.

2 Responses to “Shaping the News Masterfully, Jon Stewart Frames Climategate”

  1. Bart said

    Small moves. His initial derision was so powerful, I’m not sure he made up for it in the end. I think it’ll make more people start asking questions than it will mollify.

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