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Archive for December 3rd, 2009

Climategate Alleged Scientists and The Alleged Science Journal Nature

Posted by pwl on December 3, 2009

The Alleged Science Journal Nature wrote an editorial in response to the recent Climategate.

The science journal Nature reveals a pernicious “elitism” that is pervasive in science, that of being in the “in” group. One such “in” group is having the “proper scientific qualifications”.

Einstein’s was a “patent clerk” when he did his work on Relativity. Had an “in” group doing what the Climategate alleged scientists (Jones, Mann, et. al. ) or Nature keep his work from being reviewed, published and accepted we’d be much worse off as a society.

Another example is from the Climategate alleged scientists who’s “in” group meant anyone who “agreed with their hypothesis”.

The science journal Nature seems to have adopted both “in” group requirements. In groups form “cliques” or “cults” when the rules of membership get too constrained. The Climategate emails are rife with examples of this “in” group behaviors.

Unfortunately for science to work ANYONE must be allowed to access the data from ANY publicly funded science regardless of their “in” or “out” of group status.

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