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Archive for December 4th, 2009

UN Set to Investigate Climategate Scientists! Whitewash or For Real?

Posted by pwl on December 4, 2009

The CBC and other news sources are now reporting that the UN IPCC will investigate the Climategate allegations and Scientists involved in the scandal.

How can the UN IPCC even begin to be unbiased to investigate itself? Will this be a white wash or a real investigation? It will take quite a bit of openness and transparency for the UN to convince people that they are carrying out an actual investigation.

This could be the opportunity for all skeptical points of view to finally be heard by the IPCC panel.

LONDONThe claim that top climate change scientists manipulated data to support the theory of man-made global warming will be investigated by the U.N. climate change panel, according to a recent announcement.

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Climate Science Needs a Reset Button as The Stink of Intellectual Corruption is Overpowering

Posted by pwl on December 4, 2009

An amazing editorial by the CBC’s Rex Murphy. Stunning in it’s clarity. Absolutely stunning. Breathtaking in it’s scope. A video that everyone interested in their planet must see.

Here is the Rex Murphy transcript interspersed with memorable quotes including an expanded quote from Clive Crook.

“When Jon Stewart the bantum rooster of conventional wisdom makes jokes about it you know Climategate has reached critical mass. Said Stewart: ‘Poor Al Gore, Global Warming completely debunked via the very internet he [you] invented.‘.

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