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UN Set to Investigate Climategate Scientists! Whitewash or For Real?

Posted by pwl on December 4, 2009

The CBC and other news sources are now reporting that the UN IPCC will investigate the Climategate allegations and Scientists involved in the scandal.

How can the UN IPCC even begin to be unbiased to investigate itself? Will this be a white wash or a real investigation? It will take quite a bit of openness and transparency for the UN to convince people that they are carrying out an actual investigation.

This could be the opportunity for all skeptical points of view to finally be heard by the IPCC panel.

LONDONThe claim that top climate change scientists manipulated data to support the theory of man-made global warming will be investigated by the U.N. climate change panel, according to a recent announcement.

Initially, the chairman of the U.N.’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), Rajendra Pachauri, said the issue would not have any bearing on the upcoming talks in Copenhagen, saying there was “virtually no possibility” of a few scientists biasing advice. “Even if an author or two has a particular bias it is completely unlikely that bias will find its way into the IPCC report,” he told The Guardian on Nov. 29.

But on Dec. 4 he, [Rajendra Pachauri], said the U.N. would be conducting its own investigation.

“We will certainly go into the whole lot and then we will take a position on it,” he told BBC Radio 4’s Today program. “We certainly don’t want to brush anything under the carpet. This is a serious issue and we will look into it in detail.”

“It appears from the details of the scandal that there is no relationship whatsoever between human activities and climate change,” he [The chairman of the U.N.’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), Rajendra Pachaur] told BBC News.

Many analysts have pointed out that with a fossil-fuel based economy, Saudi Arabia has a lot riding on the outcome of the negotiations.

Will it be a white wash or a real investigation with teeth? The cynic in me says the later. We shall see.

Naturally the IPCC will want to get their hands on Christopher Monckton’s document “Caught Green Handed” (43 page pdf) that details hard science and the crimes of the Climategate alleged scientists Phil Jones, Michael Mann, et. al..

In an interview with BBC radio, the chairman of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, Rajendra Pachauri, said the issue raised by the e-mails was serious and said “we will look into it in detail,”

“We will certainly go into the whole lot and then we will take a position on it,” he said. “We certainly don’t want to brush anything under the carpet.”

Britain’s Ed Miliband, the climate change secretary, acknowledged the revelations may have an impact on the Copenhagen talks on a new global emissions reduction pact, but dismissed as “flat Earth-ers” critics who claim the e-mails are proof the case for man-made climate change is exaggerated.

“We need maximum transparency including about all the data but it’s also very, very important to say one chain of e-mails, potentially misrepresented, does not undo the global science,” Miliband said Friday. “I think we want to send a very clear message to people about that.”

“There will be people that want to use this to try and undermine the science and we’re not going to let them,” he said.
Associated Press

Miliband’s last statement doesn’t bode well for an impartial investigation of the facts since it reveals his bias towards a pro-alarmist AGW stance, which is a bias against the facts of the science.

Mother Nature is the final judge, certainly not Al Gore, not Milibrand, Rajendra Pachaur, not Phil Jones, not Michael Mann, not I, not humans! The Objective Reality of Mother Nature Rules what will actually happen! Let’s remember that.

Pachauri gave no details as to the manner or the duration of his proposed investigation. His previous (and quite recent) Draconian prescriptions for the regulation of Western society would cast doubt on the seriousness of any investigation he saw fit to conduct. But that he would even talk about conducting an investigation, after first saying specifically that it was unwarranted, suggests at least that he is fearful of the harm done to the reputation of his panel, who has relied upon data from the East Anglia Climatic Research Unit (CRU) for years.

This is the third such investigation announced so far. Investigations into the conduct of Michael E. Mann, of Hockey Stick fame, and of Phil Jones, former CRU Director, are now pending.

The issue is most certainly one of trust. How long before Obama must adapt to the new paradigm shift in the politics of objective reality? His current stance seems consistent with his statement:

We all believe what the scientists have been telling us for years now, that this [global warming] is a matter of urgency and national security and it has to be dealt with in a serious way and that’s what I intend my administration to do.” – USA President Obama

Unfortunately Barac Obama “belief” isn’t sufficient, the hard cold provable facts of objective reality in Mother Nature are what actually matter. If you make the wrong decision you’ll go down in infamy.

In other Climategate investigation developments Senator Inhofe will be attending the upcoming Copenhagen Black Carbon (CO2) Energy Slavery Treaty meeting.

Who will investigate Al Gore? Follow the money. Who else will it turn up?

[Paths To Knowledge dot NET among the first to break this story at 9:04am, Dec 4th, 2009. – pwl]

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