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Dupenhagen aka Copenhagen 2009 Conference Begins with Fear Mongering Propaganda

Posted by pwl on December 7, 2009

George Orwell never imagined that the Mad Men of Madison Avenue would get involved in masterful media manipulation.

Don’t fall for their end of the world propaganda. Water World is a fictional film as is An Inconvenient Truth.

Nullis in verba. Take no one’s word for it.” – Motto of the Royal Society since 1660!

Ask, no demand, to be shown the evidence for AGW. Take no one’s word for Mann-Made Global Warming Climate Change! Ask for the hard factual verifiable (that’s always the part that is missing) evidence! Where is the proof? Don’t just tell us that there are mountains of evidence, that isn’t acceptable since it’s just your word for it. SHOW the evidence. Show the mountain of proof. Show the data. Show the calculations. Open the climate science to public scrutiny. Prove it don’t attempt to sell it! I need proof and evidence that the soothsayers of climatic doom are actually have a predictive science rather than just readings of dead tree entrails!

NO ANALOGIES STEVE CHU! Show the actual evidence if you have any. “Nullis in verba. Take no one’s word for it.

Lies, damned lies and statistics.

SHOW the actual evidence not your conclusions Stefan Rahmstorf. “Nullis in verba. Take no one’s word for it.

Now for some counter facts.

The Green New World Order is set to take over with TAXES and RULES enforced by an Unelected New World Government. Yup, the Dupenhagen Treaty actually uses the word “Government”.

Global warning: Greenhouse issue on the table 07 December, 2009.

The United Nations climate change conference is to get under way in the Danish capital Copenhagen Monday. Delegates from 192 countries are gathering for two weeks of talks on how to combat global warming. They want to agree on a deal to succeed the Kyoto Protocol which expires in 2012 and is aimed at curbing greenhouse gas emissions.

But some skeptics claim climate change is not the fault of mankind, and is being used by some for profit. So far, only one thing appears certain: the earths temperatures are rising. Its the problem of how we interpret it and what the causes of global warming are, says Sergey Roginko, the Head of Environment and Development Group at the Institute of Europe RAS.

Russian scientist Andrey Kapitsa is among those who say man is not to blame for global warming. According to him, carbon dioxide emissions play no role in creating the greenhouse effect. There are several factors affecting global warming, he says, Fluctuation of sun energy, fluctuation of Earth’s axis, with Earth’s orbitAs they change, we get either a warming or a cooling effect.

The temperature surveys show quite clearly that temperatures on Earth have been rising since the mid-19th Century: long before carbon dioxide emissions reached their present level. It suggests the earths temperature seems to fluctuate in tune with solar activity.

So why the big hullabaloo, then? Who needs us to believe that factories, emissions, oil and gas production are killing the planet? Who is sending us on a major environmental guilt trip and why?

Russian TV producer Sergey Nadezhdin tried to answer those questions in his documentary on global warming, A great bureaucracy exists around the idea of global warming, which depends on the danger of an imminent threat. And it’s important to understand that the idea employs many people.

So, when the worlds top environmentalists meet yet again in a fancy hotel to discuss how to save the planet over a glass of cabernet, critics ask: do they really care?

Christopher Monckton on the New World Order of Copenhagen Treaty.

US Senator Inhofe on Copenhagen.

Buying Carbon Indulgences to be Green.

Refusing to Listen to the Counter Evidence.

Copenhagen Conference.

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