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All we are saying is provide all the proof and evidence for the AGW Hypothesis openly for public auditing

Posted by pwl on December 8, 2009

Interesting Interview with a climate scientist, Professor Cliff Ollier, on why the glaciers won’t be melting into the oceans anytime soon. Also how glaciers don’t melt by the current climate or CO2 but by geothermal heat from inside the Earth! Not affected by sunshine or CO2! Very interesting, he’s been speaking out against Global Warming since the 1980’s.

The indelible Christopher Monckton:

The Newly Leaked Political Agenda Document:

The climate change conference in Copenhagen is barely under way and already a leaked draft agreement is pitting developing nations against their wealthier counterparts.

If the documents are accurate, the proposal would see more power in the hands of rich nations, the UN’s negotiating role sidelined and the Kyoto Protocol abandoned.

Developing nations are furious and say they will not sign on to an inequitable deal that they argue would limit their economic growth.

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