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The Un-Noble Rest in Pieces Death Prize Awarded to USA President Barack Obama by The Nobel Arms Merchant of Death Foundation

Posted by pwl on December 11, 2009

The acceptance of the Nobel Peace Prize by Barack Obama, the US president, has sparked constroversy. Obama received the prize dedicated to peace in Oslo, pledging to strive for a better world and pursue building a “just and lasting peace”. But critics have attacked the decision to award the prize to Obama, pointing out he is actively leading his nation in the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq and last week ordered 30,000 more troops to join the Afghan conflict.

The Nobel Prize was created by an arms merchant of death, Alfred Bernhard Nobel.

The award was established by the 1895 will and estate of Swedish chemist and inventor Alfred Nobel.

Nobel found that when nitroglycerin was incorporated in an absorbent inert substance like kieselguhr (diatomaceous earth) it became safer and more convenient to handle, and this mixture he patented in 1867 as ‘dynamite’. Nobel demonstrated his explosive for the first time that year, at a quarry in Redhill, Surrey, England. In order to help reestablish his name and improve the image of his business from the earlier controversies associated with the dangerous explosives, Nobel had also considered naming the highly powerful substance “Nobels Safety Powder”, but settled with Dynamite instead, referring to the Greek word for ‘power’.

Nobel later on combined nitroglycerin with various nitrocellulose compounds, similar to collodion, but settled on a more efficient recipe combining another nitrate explosive, and obtained a transparent, jelly-like substance, which was a more powerful explosive than dynamite. ‘Gelignite’, or blasting gelatin, as it was named, was patented in 1876; and was followed by a host of similar combinations, modified by the addition of potassium nitrate and various other substances. Gelignite was more stable, transportable and conveniently formed to fit into bored holes, like those used in drilling and mining, than the previously used compounds and was adopted as the standard technology for mining in the Age of Engineering bringing Nobel a great amount of financial success, though at a significant cost to his health.

Nobel did very well as a merchant of death selling weapons to both sides in conflicts.

Bofors‘ most famous owner was Alfred Nobel who owned the company from 1894 until his death in December 1896. He had the key role in reshaping the iron manufacturer to a modern cannon manufacturer and chemical industry.

The name Bofors is strongly associated with a 40 mm anti-aircraft gun based on a Bofors design which was produced and used by both sides during World War II, and often called simply the Bofors gun. The gun saw service on land and sea, and became so widely known that anti-aircraft guns in general were often referred to as Bofors guns. Another well-known gun made by the company was the Bofors 37 mm anti-tank gun, a standard anti-tank weapon used by a variety of armies early in the war. It was built under license in Poland and the USA and was also used in a variety of tanks, including the 7TP and M3A3 Stuart.

Alfred Nobel and Barack Obama, true men of evil in the world. It is befitting to award the ironically named peace prize started by this merchant of death to the USA President Barack Obama for “Peace” while Obama conducts two wars mass murdering innocents raining death indiscriminately from the skies with bombs and Terminator style robotic remote controlled killing machines known as Predator Drones.

How many civilians have been killed in the U.S. drone war in Pakistan? The number could be as high as 320 innocents, according to an analysis released today by the New America Foundation. That’s about a third of the 1,000 or so people slain in the robotic aircraft attacks since 2006.” – Wired

That’s not even to mention the amount of death caused by his policy decisions to continue the Bush Wars.

There is nothing noble about the Nobel Peace Prize nor in it’s award to a USA President who is murdering and ordering the murders of people around the planet.

The dead murdered by Barack Obama will Rest In Peace, well pieces, as he enjoys feeling good about his prized just war of mass murder and death.

There is no such thing as a just war, all war is pure evil regardless of what you are fighting for.

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