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The Day After Tomorrow in Edmonton

Posted by pwl on December 13, 2009

Frigid temperatures recorded yesterday shattered records set in previous years, marking the coldest Dec. 13 in Edmonton’s history.

The temperature at the Edmonton International Airport dipped to -46.1 C at its lowest point, smashing the -36.1 C record set in 2008, Environment Canada meteorologist David Schmidt said yesterday.

The Edmonton City Centre Airport recorded -36.6 C yesterday, beating the previous record of -32.8 C set in 1882.

Thankfully, Schmidt added, the season’s icy grip will ease by mid-week when the Arctic high-pressure area dominating weather over the Prairies will shift to a Pacific stream.

The all-time record at the International Airport was set in January 1972, when the mercury fell to -48.3C. [I lived in Edmonton then and remember it all too well – pwl].

Edmonton was the coldest place in the world yesterday, second only to a Siberian weather station, where temperatures reached -48 C.

You don’t need to know what he is saying as the results speak for themselves.

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