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Two Approaches to Debate and Free Public Speech: Prevent it or Seek it out and Engage

Posted by pwl on December 13, 2009

Protesters interrupting meetings blocking free speech.

Rational conversation from Christopher Monckton confronting the protesters who invaded his meeting.

Protester addressing Christopher Monckton in the convention hall, “We don’t really need to listen to your explanation or the background of what you believe because if it’s true then you should be going out and saying that and we should be seeing a scientific consensus leaning more towards what you’re believing.”

Christopher Monckton “It’s a great mistake to believe science is done by consensus, it isn’t.”

Protester: “I know it’s not”

What? You’re saying that the science should show the results by consensus but then you admit in your next statement that science isn’t done by consensus? A very confused protester.

The protesters were attempting to prevent public speech while Christopher Monckton was engaged in communicating his point of view, as the protesters advised him to do, they blocked him. Then Christopher Monckton found them and engaged them in debate however they were not receptive to hear actual facts of science as they have already made up their minds without knowing any of the science, nor being able to debate it.

Protesters: 0.

Christopher Monckton: 1.

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