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How did you get to Copenhagen? How much CO2 did you create in the process?

Posted by pwl on December 16, 2009

What annoys me beyond the pure unadulterated hypocrisy of green advocates is that they are not informed.

First off CO2 is not a pollutant, it is an essential nutrient that plants need to live!

Second, you can’t “offset real pollution”! Most of the actual toxins put into the environment either don’t breakdown or take a long time to break down (although some do breakdown right away).

Of course CO2 won’t break down on it’s own (need to verify that) as it’s a stable molecule but then it’s an essential nutrient that plants break down with photosynthesis!

“Carbon Offsets” are the biggest scam since they allow major polluters to BUY the right to pollute and give the illusion that they’ve solved a pollution problem. Trading Carbon Credits is the biggest green hypocrisy of them all! If CO2 is really a problem then eliminate it’s production or emission don’t allow it to be traded!!!

You’d not allow “uranium particle emissions” to be traded by nuclear plants allowing plants like Chernobyl to emit them continuously forever would you know? No, you’d want the reactors to prevent the emission of uranium particles. That’s why reactors have containment vessels.

That’s why all coal plants should have “Carbon as in C the atom” filters to prevent “black carbon soot” from being emitted. CO2 is a non-problem but all the focus on “CO2” lets the polluters avoid any focus on real pollutants such as “Carbon as in the actual Carbon C atom”!


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