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The Climate Wars Have Begun

Posted by pwl on December 16, 2009

Given the passionate belief stricken masses of people dedicated to the proposition that man is responsible for so called global warming climate change it’s getting dangerous out there!

What is amazing is that these protesters are FOR the AGW Hypothesis! They are protesting FOR the climate meetings going on inside yet are using violence to make their point! Imagine what would happen if they were protesting a meeting that was skeptical of AGW! This is really turned on it’s head upside in down world! Double Yikes!

In this following report they play down the Climategate scandal rather than actually addressing the underlying concerns with the science. Typical of mainstream journalism.

Here is a list of the science crimes that the Climategate involved scientists at the core of the UN’s IPCC have allegedly committed. To simply brush aside these crimes of scientists is bad biased journalism at best and more likely highly biased propaganda agenda at worst.

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