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The Potentially Dangerous Millitant Revolutionary Cult of Ecological Sustainability aka Climate Justice

Posted by pwl on December 18, 2009

The following video shows the results of a deep programming and cult inculcation of a “radical ecological green” belief system. This deep devotional commitment is in part fostered during a long period of fasting and indoctrination with fellow cult members. It is very disturbing as it reveals a deeply commuted individual that would be willing to take just about any action in “the revolution”.

Ecological Sustainability is an absolute unequivocal non-negotiable necessity. … Long Live the Revolution!” – “Paul”, a member of the Cult of Ecological Sustainability aka “Climate Justice”

A very dangerous video for anyone who falls for it. At the end under the increasing music he utters “Long Live the Revolution!”.

The deep and disturbing power of belief in ecological sustainability at any cost forms the foundation of The Potently Dangerous Militant Cult of Ecological Sustainability.

While this gentleman, a sort of new age monk, seems mild and meek it’s his deep religious belief in climate change revolution and so called “ecological sustainability” will very likely lead to them taking unilateral actions, potentially terrorist actions against anyone or any group that they feel are violating their “absolute unequivocal non-negotiable” beliefs about what is “ecological sustainable” and what isn’t.

If you doubt his resolve notice that he is – allegedly and seemingly from his starved appearance and obvious lack of energy – on day 42 (an auspicious number if there ever was one) of a “Climate Justice Juice Fast”! As someone who has done 10 day juice fasts I can tell you that it’s not easy at all and a 42 day stretch is a highly committed act. In other words it’s not easy doing a 10 day fast and a 42 day fast takes a serious devotional commitment to ones cause. This man is highly dangerous depending on what actions he actually takes. Clearly he’s willing to do almost anything for his cause. Listen to his words very carefully again and you’ll see if you haven’t already.

Considering that they are basing their beliefs upon false science, actually wait a minute they don’t talk about science at all just their beliefs about doom and gloom climate change. Uneducated in science these people are very scary.

This is worse than I ever imagined. Shivers.

Additional videos of this disturbing group.

Thanks and hats off to Scarlet Pumpernickel for posting a link to the first video.

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