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The Constant And Never Changing Sun Can’t Influence Climate On Earth

Posted by pwl on December 20, 2009

Wow, what a difference in the Sun. Oh, there is a calm Sun and angry Sun so that means that the Sun isn’t constant and never changing and could influence weather and climate after all.

Angry Sun seems to correlate with peak in temperatures. Did the Angry Sun (seen on the right side of the video) cause the 1998 peak temperature spike in the graph below?

(Note: the graph from the climate database shows no statistical warming in the last 15 years).

“UAH LT 1979 thru Nov 09 – from Watts Up With That dot com”

It was cooler during calm sun times and warmer during angry sun times… hmmmm…. Maybe we didn’t pray hard enough to the Sun? . Maybe it can influence our weather, you think? Of course, it’s the Sun!

It’s interesting to note that recent discoveries indicate that the Sun directly impacts the “weather” in the upper atmosphere.

Ok, the Sun really can influence the weather on planet Earth more than we once thought.

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