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Christopher Monckton Discusses Hitler Youth Comment Freely with Random Person Who Walked Up to Interview Him

Posted by pwl on December 21, 2009

Christopher Monckton FREELY discussing his Hitler Youth comment when randomly approached and interviewed by a stranger.

4 Responses to “Christopher Monckton Discusses Hitler Youth Comment Freely with Random Person Who Walked Up to Interview Him”

  1. Scarlet Pumpernickel said

    I love it when Monckton makes a fool out of people that believe in Global Warming

  2. cbp said

    I’m calling Godwin’s Law – argument is over.

  3. pwl said

    That’s really funny cbp, unfortunately it means that you fail at having an open mind and actually listening to what Christopher Monckton was saying or to his arguments with hard scientific data that criticize the AGW Hypothesis.

    Christoper’s point was that the Pro-AGW Protesters were using techniques that were exactly the same as “Hitler Youth” to drown out points of view that they didn’t like preventing free speech from occurring. This is a valid point that Christopher Monckton makes and thus Godwin’s Law doesn’t apply.

    I’d not have made such comparisons to “Hitler Youth” however apt they are.

    However to cower behind “Godwin’s Law” as you do is so much more pathetic and lame than engaging in actual arguments since you’re using Godwin’s Law as an excuse to close your mind and lower your intelligence factor. As you wish of course.

  4. pwl said

    Monckton is a Forcing of Nature unlike any other, that is for sure Scarlet Pumpernickel.

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