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Global Warming Alarmist Claims Haiti Earthquake Caused by Global Warming! The Stupid, It Burns!!!

Posted by pwl on January 15, 2010

Updated 20100115.

“I hope we see this as a bigger moment because the threat that happened to Haiti can happen anywhere in the Caribbean Island Nations. You know, they’re are all in peril because of global warming, they’re all in peril because of climate change. … [undecipherable gibberish] … We have to act now” – Danny Glover, Actor

It’s a truly sad day when idiotic thoughts like global warming are the cause of everything are all the rage uttered from every corner of society.

Let me spell it out for you Danny Glover and all Global Warming Alarmists, EARTHQUAKES are NOT caused by the falsified Anthropogenic (Man Made) Global Warming Hypothesis. Earthquakes are a Natural phenomenon. There are not even glaciers above Haiti so even if we wanted to trigger an earthquake by melting it with heat we could not have caused this quake! Man doesn’t cause earthquakes by burning fossil fuels for our cars or whatever. If you think we do then you know for sure that you’re a complete nutter.

Actually one could make the argument that the utter waste of resources on the imagined fear and subsequent hysteria of global warming has drawn necessary resources away from the solution of REAL problems.

In fact Danny Glover thinking that the Haiti Earthquake disaster is the result of the falsified AGW Hypothesis put him in the same repugnant category of really bad thinking as the horrific comment by Pat Robertson that the Haitians are suffering because they made a deal with the Devil to get out from under French rule!

As we see the Earth isn’t always a hospitable place to live. The planet is constantly changing and moving. Change is Natural. The planet is a moving dynamic place that is constantly changing… what is more amazing is how stable it really has been for so long to support our form of life.

The human mind likes to make up connections. Danny Glover’s brain isn’t any different. The problem is that usually those connections have little to do with the actual reality we live in. Sure it might have to do with the “agreement” or “mythological” realities that people make up but Nature aka Objective Reality is quite a different beast and continues on it’s own path regardless of what we imagine, think, or in Danny’s case, believe without any verifiable evidence.

Maybe Danny Glover and Al Gore should take a trip a couple of miles down and test the millions of degrees hypothesis of Al’s in the hell they are putting the rest of us through with their soothsaying bunkum. I suppose it is asking people too much to actually be somewhat intelligent and to not be belief stricken. Sigh.

Thanks to Plognark for their awesome graphic, The Stupid, It Burns!

Update 20100115. Fox News Bill O’Reilly attempted to “translate” Danny Glover’s comments with Danny Glover Translation Expert Marc Lamont Hill, PhD..

It still makes no sense to me.

3 Responses to “Global Warming Alarmist Claims Haiti Earthquake Caused by Global Warming! The Stupid, It Burns!!!”

  1. Would it be possible for me to use the “The stupid, it burns!” image in one of my posts? I’m not competing with you guys, I just had a single rant I needed to get off my chest… Naturally, I’ll post full accreditation!

    You can see the rant at

    I hope you’re able to help out.


  2. Scratch that – Plognark has agreed to creative commons use of the image. D’oh! Thanks anyway, I’ve got you bookmarked now!

  3. music kompa…

    […]Global Warming Alarmist Claims Haiti Earthquake Caused by Global Warming! The Stupid, It Burns!!! « Paths To Knowledge (dot NET)[…]…

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