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The Astounding Depth of Human Arrogance As Revealed In Belief Stricken Delusional Mythologies

Posted by pwl on January 15, 2010

The profound deep arrogance of man is revealed in the self imposed delusional mythological belief systems from the Bronze Ages. Many people, purportedly the vast majority of people on Earth, believe that the universe was created for man. How arrogant. How sad. The cartoon above says it well.

Let’s get it through our thick skulls. The universe wasn’t created for human beings. We simple evolved here fighting and clawing our way from sub-cellular life to multi-cellular all the way up to human being. To say that the universe was created for us is so insulting to our ancestors that it isn’t funny- it does them a deep disrespect for it says that their struggle in the continuous chain of life from them to us was unnecessary and make believe just to suit the whims of some arrogant God that want’s to toy with us for his/her/it’s own designs.

Anyone who truly gets the notion of freedom and independence must reject the notions of arrogance implied and supported by the profoundly horrific self conceited notion that the universe was created for us.

It is one thing to be humbled by Nature and to find our way though the darkness of space. It is quite another to attempt to rule the universe with the notion that it is ours to do with as we please. The universe simply is. We are here for a brief moment, each of us and our species. We can be gone in an instant. All it takes is one tiny asteroid. Blammo. No more Earth. Gone. No trace except for a few space probes, and even those will be destroyed when our star Sol dies.

To think that the universe was created for humans doesn’t take objective reality into account. To not take objective reality into account in your thinking means that you are disconnected from objective reality to the extent that your representation of objective reality is off base. The less your view of objective reality maps to observed and testable and verifiable aspects of Nature the more delusional and disconnected you are.

Space is lethal. It wasn’t designed for humans as proven by the fact that humans die with moments of being exposed to the vacuum and cold environment of space.

We only can exist in a very narrow sliver of the Earth Environment and Biosphere. Most places will kill us dead. Even then it takes advanced technologies to make life livable let alone comfortable in most places on Earth.

The slightest scratch can lead to death.

The environment is deadly. Earthquakes. Cold. Hot. Tornados. Hurricanes. Tsunamis. Floods. Snow. Animals. Rain. Insects. Disease. Viruses. Other humans.

The universe is a violently hostile place for life, and human life even more so. We are so fragile.

Clearly the universe isn’t user friendly. It’s deadly.

2 Responses to “The Astounding Depth of Human Arrogance As Revealed In Belief Stricken Delusional Mythologies”

  1. organization…

    […]The Astounding Depth of Human Arrogance As Revealed In Belief Stricken Delusional Mythologies « Paths To Knowledge (dot NET)[…]…

  2. riaan visser said

    Your reasoning and your conclusions are bland at best. If you wish to make an argument for evolution please feel free to do so. But at least hold to some scientific proven measurable evidence. Your bland reasoning is belief, belief is a religion, and your belief is a lot younger than mine. Time needs space for matter to be placed inside of. This is science, without the one the other has no function. There is no space if time cannot govern the space. There is no matter if there is no space to place it inside. Genesis 1:1 “in the beginning” TIME “God created the heavens” SPACE “and the earth. The hebrew for heaven and earth actually translates to everything. A book written thousands of years ago get a scientific principle correct, that we have only come to realize scientifically in the last 100 years or so. I prefer a religion based in truth rather than your religion based on pure theory, no measurable tangible scientific proof

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