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British Investigators Whitewash CRU Freedom Of Information Crimes with Loophole Letting Jones, et. al., Escape

Posted by pwl on January 25, 2010

Bishop Hill [1] and WUWT [2] are reporting on the success of British beurocrates in letting the Climategate CRU criminals, Phil Jones, et. al. at UEA, escape from penalties for their frauds and cover up under the FOI Laws:

“I was told that while there appeared to be a problem, I needed to be clear that there would be no prosecutions under the terms of the Freedom of Information Act, regardless of the final outcome of the investigation. Although withholding or destroying information is a criminal offence under the terms of the Act, apparently no prosecutions can be brought for offences committed more than six months prior. As anyone who has made a UK FoI request knows, it can take six months to exhaust the internal review process before the ICO even becomes involved. The ICO can then take another six months before starting his investigation.”

“It seems quite clear that civil servants are able to withhold and destroy information without any consequences and it’s interesting to ponder how such a dramatic flaw can have found its way into the terms of the Act. Of course we in the UK are used to poorly drafted laws finding their way onto the statute books, but we might also consider the thought that Sir Humphrey might have knowingly inserted this crucial error, in order to ensure that when push came to shove he could keep things quiet without any concerns that he might find himself in hot water.”

These clips from the successful show “Yes, Minister” are quite appropriate.

I suppose it should come as no surprise since laws are inherently political after all.

Unfortunate yet typical loophole that the lawmakers put into laws to slip through thus avoiding penalties. It’s an example of the vicious and widespread double standard that members of the cult of government implement to stand above the rule of law. It is also what gives citizens impetus in standing up to and fighting unjust laws enforced by government cult members who are immune from wrong doing even as they commit wrongs against the citizens by their very actions. This type of loophole is a sign of a deep seated “we’re better than the masses” culture of corruption within the cult of government and it’s various forms of agents.

At least it’s clear that the CRU guys careers will now be dogged by these allegations forever. In a way it could be worse for Phil Jones, et. al., at UEA as would it not be better to be charged and cleared than to not be charged and whitewashed by a limp law that has no teeth? Jones was guilty but the limp FOA law let him escape consequences from his scientific frauds.

Maybe there are other laws that have teeth that can be used to go after Phil Jones and his CRU? What about fraud laws?

[1] +++No Climategate FoI prosecutions+++.
[2] Loophole in UK FOIA law will apparently allow CRU to avoid prosecution .

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