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Objective Reality is a Harsh Mistress ™ as Hansen, Mann, Jones, Gore, Pachauri, Strong, et. al. are Finding Out The Hard Way

Posted by pwl on February 3, 2010

Actual Science vs Faith in Anthropomorphic Global Warming Climate Change
(click to enlarge).

“One of the key features of Hansen’s global warming theory is that the polar regions are supposed to warm much faster than the rest of the planet. The image below is from his classic 1984 paper, and shows that Antarctica is supposed to warm up 6C after a doubling of CO2. If the cooling trend which UAH shows continues, it will take Antarctica a very long time to warm up six degrees.” – [1]

There is very little difference between what Hansen is doing and the old time soothsayers. Sure Hansen has computers with which to ply his magical tricks of math and dead tree entrails are at the core of his “dire doomsday” climate predictions. It’s the same old confidence game just different means of deception.

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