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For the Sake of Scientific Integrity We Must Abandon Filling In Missing Data with Fictitious Invented Data

Posted by pwl on February 16, 2010

These are excellent videos that make many excellent points about the tracking of temperature data.

It is a scientific crime to invent and fill in missing data, certainly without indicating that that was done and precisely where and how.

However the bigger point is that averaging temperatures itself is a violation of the principle of the integrity of the data as averaging of temperature data “fills in” the “temperature” of the geographic locations in-between stations which is making up those intermediate temperatures and that doesn’t reflect reality with certainty.

Made up data is fraud. Pure and simple. It is misleading. It distorts objective reality.

It seems to me that the only way to properly measure the temperature of the planet might be via satellite, at least one would have the temperatures of “geographic regions” based in Objective Reality rather than in statistical math that makes up data. This of course assumes that satellites can measure surface temperatures as accurately as ground stations and it also assumes a fine grain as possible in area resolution (smaller is better)… in other words how many pixels of temperature resolution can a satellite obtain. There will always be limits to any measuring methodology and that needs to be fully detailed up front so that false comparisons are not made resulting in bogus “temperature reconstructions” (such as those we’ve seen from the skewed fraudulent mind of Dr. Michael Mann).

One Response to “For the Sake of Scientific Integrity We Must Abandon Filling In Missing Data with Fictitious Invented Data”

  1. Randolph Finney said

    Hey, that was brilliant – well – I should say obvious but given the lack of interest in such things and the lack of available info – brilliant. I’ve been trying to get raw data myself, and found your clip after banging my head against the wall looking at NOAAs data – the hottest 10 years on record … but they only show records of 11 years, one of which was tied for 2nd. So, they show data (and yes, it is averages – thank you for destroying that trick for me) for 11 years and claim that each one of those years is one of the 10 hottest on record for the last 100 years – but show no data for any of the other years. I assume the data is available, not that it supports their theory, but I’ve now paid for several articles/research project results which purportedly support their conclusions, and have received none of them. The only things readily available are the conclusory summaries of these projects, which, even without reviewing the supporting data, frequently contradict themselves or make little sense.
    The sad thing about what they’re doing is that they’re taking attention, money, effort away from the things that we should be concerned about – like our oceans, like real pollution…

    Oh, don’t ever forget the most obviously ridiculous fact in all of this. We’re supposedly concluding that the earth is warming based on 30 years of data (remember the global cooling scare of the early 70s). But even if we go back to the beginning of recorded temperature history, a hundred years or so (even if you add a thousand or two – which would include an ice age of course) we’re still trying to judge the direction of global temperature and/or weather change based on fractions of millionths of earths weather history. It’s like trying to determine the direction of an interstate highway by looking exclusively at a piece of it the width of a hair.

    thanks for making the effort

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