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David Brin Puts His Foot Into His Mouth And Chews It Off With Lame Ass Political Arguments Ignoring Hard Science In The Process

Posted by pwl on February 17, 2010

You’ve got it wrong and backwards David Brin, it isn’t a war on science, it’s a war FOR hard verifiable and open science with integrity and the highest standards that the scientific method can bring to bear on climate science!

“The schism over global climate change (GCC) has become an intellectual chasm, across which everyone perceives the other side as Koolaid-drinkers. Although I have mixed views of my own about the science of GCC, and have closely grilled a number of colleagues who are front-line atmospheric scientists (some at JPL), I’m afraid all the anecdotes and politics-drenched “questions” flying about right now aren’t shedding light. They are, in fact, quite beside the point.

That is because science itself is the main issue: its relevance and utility as a decision-making tool.” – David Brin [1]

David Brin wasn’t discussing the science of climate change at all in the above article. Instead he’s making some false arguments. Yes, “science itself is the main issue” and cool-aid drinking by anybody should be saved for fun summer days at the beach. Unfortunately David Brin takes some huge gulps himself gorging on the political fumes put off by the alleged AGW hypothesis instead of dealing with ensuring that hard science is applied to climate science.

People taking sides in this issue as if it’s a political matter split between two political parties (for instance in the USA that would be democrat, republican) have missed the point and have taken their fill of politics-drenched cool-aid – regardless of which political party they favor! This isn’t an issue that can be settled in a political venue!

Brin asserts:

‘This is the context in which we should reconsider the Climate Change Denial Movement. … It holds that the 99% of atmospheric scientists who believe in GCC are suborned, stupid, incompetent, conspiratorial or untrustworthy hacks.”

It’s a scientific question that only the proper long term application of open, verifiable, audit-able science will enable us to narrow down answers. It’s also not like a hard science like physics since it involves way to many variables and systems. It is complicated by the lack of verifiable records, a lack of integrity of the players (e.g. Phil Jones, Michael Mann, Hansen, Briffa, et. al.) as revealed in their own emails and other statements over the years. The scientific method must be allowed to prevail over the political agenda of those involved.

It’s not that all the alleged climate scientists are lacking in intelligence or integrity, it’s that they have a mind set that the alleged AGW hypothesis is true when the evidence has yet to support it. They have “group think” lock-in. Lemmings a many.

It’s like those that believe in god, they all have locked into a delusion with only “faith” as their guide. Unfortunately for them there is zero evidence of any gods and even worse for them is that the laws of physics prevent gods from existing. No gods can be omnipresent, omnipotent or omniscient due to the speed of light limit. However, those people – the vast majority of humans – simply ignore the lack of evidence for any gods and the hard evidence against gods and continue their delusion because they have “faith”.

The same goes for those alleging the AGW hypothesis, they are chasing a delusion and so far no hard conclusive evidence showing cause and effect.

All they have got are some lousy statistical hockey stick games with rigged graphs that can’t even show a proper correlation due to their “deception” (dr. Mann that means you) in attempting to hide the decline in the tree ring temperatures from view.

Faith in the alleged AGW hypothesis isn’t enough. Hard evidence is required.

Brin goes on to assert that “all the major recommended actions to deal with Global Climate Change are things we should be doing, anyway” which is utter nonsense. We need not fear the current levels of CO2 in the atmosphere nor any foreseeable future levels. Biologically CO2 is a plant food that makes plants grow more greening the Earth and bringing an increase in the abundance of life. That is good for life on the planet and for us humans who are rapidly expanding in numbers.

David Brin’s article is mind slosh and just another political pile of poop. It fails to address any of the climate science for or against. It fails to address how some climate science falsifies the alleged AGW hypothesis. If fails as it’s political nonsense arguing that just because there are some smart guys that they have it right.

David Brin is at his polemic political best when he writes:

“Of course, to typify any lawful profession as across-the-board corrupt or cowardly is absurd, but to so besmirch the one professional cohort that is unambiguously the most brave, individualistic, honest, curious and smart of all, well, there has to be an agenda behind such drivel — and there is one. The good old Boffin Effect.” – David Brin [1]

Basically David Brin argues that lots of smart people can’t be wrong, that they can’t be locked into a “belief stricken mind set”, that they can’t be taken in by the core group “scientific confidence men” who corrupted their science of climate science.

If there is one thing we know about humans is that they are susceptible to beliefs especially those beliefs of their peers. Humans are also highly susceptible to being conned, and when the con men are their most highly respected peers, well it’s game, set and match for most of them. Add to that the peer pressure to conform to the prevailing view of “science” and it’s a done deal for most humans.

A huge number of humans believe that a speared and stabbed to death human named Jesus rose from the dead after undergoing the normal natural process of rotting, decaying being eaten by microbes and insects for three days, and in the magical process of rising from the dead violated the laws of biology, chemistry and physics in the process. This magical zombie jesus dude then walks about all healed up for a couple of days and then flies off into space to a place called heaven not only violating the law of gravity but doing so without any technology to make it so. No airplane carried jesus, no spaceship lifted him into orbit, no space suit to enable him to breath once in the deadly vacuum of space, no faster than light travel to get him to the mythical planet heaven. Just magic.

~40% of scientists belief this mythology is literally true. Oops.

The only problem, no one can rise from the dead after rotting for three days. Not possible. No magic can make it happen. Yet, ~40% of scientists belief it can. Whacked in the head they are. So it’s clear that lots of smart people can and are wrong about a great many things.

It’s also a very good thing that we have something known as the scientific method – that when allowed to prevail over propaganda and belief and faith – can set us free of mythological and other delusions and get us closer to the Objective Reality of Nature.

However not even the scientific method can width stand it when you add in money from grants to include the words “global warming” or “climate change” and “man made” into your research and you’re well on your way to scientific bias or agenda driven science. No magical mystery needed to explain that.

Also, factor in scientists basing their papers on the flawed works of the core group of proponents of the alleged AGW hypothesis and it’s not hard to see how – with decades of time – the pollution of ideas based upon bad or distorted science spreads far and wide.

The AGW meme spreads taking on a life of it’s own after leaving the nest of the faulty peer reviewed papers of the likes of the core of incompetent, corrupted, fraudulent, and politically motivated anti-scientific criminals: Phil Jones, Michael Mann, Jim Hansen, Briffa, et. al..

You really need to get real and start demanding seriously hard evidence from scientists before concluding their alleged hypotheses are true, otherwise you’re just as belief stricken and delusional as any faithful church goer.

Faith and Belief are banned from science. Hard evidence rules. Not correlation via flawed statistical con games that others easily demolish when they figure out the game used, not data invented by manipulating the data to “hide the decline” of tree ring data as it diverges from thermometers, not statistical creation of data filling in temperature data for huge swaths of the Earth’s surface, …, but hard actual evidence that stands up to auditing and verification.

It’s not how smart you are David Brin that matters here, it’s whether or not your hypothesis correlates with the Objective Reality of Nature and to what degree it correlates. That’s not even enough, you must PROVE causation not just correlation in the case of the alleged AGW Hypothesis since it claims causation! That is a huge requirement that has not been met.

The alleged AGW hypothesis has not only NOT been proven it has been falsified many times in many different ways. In addition there are other hypothesis that explain what is going on much better including the Null Hypothesis that it’s all Natural and the result of the great ball of fusion in the sky, The Sun Sol.

As a scientist once said “extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence”. It sure would be nice to have some of that here. Unfortunately Nature seems to be not as cooperative as the proponents of the overly simplistic alleged AGW hypothesis desire.

Nature is a Harsh Mistress. We’d best treat the Sun Sol as our actual God for it rules this part of the Universe and all of our lives depend on it. Maybe we need to learn a lot more about how the Sol-Earth-Moon (plus others) System actually works before going half cocked ranting and raving about the end of the world as Al Gore did yelling “it’s burning” in crowded movie theaters a few years back (Al Gore is the one who believes that it’s two million degrees a few miles below the surface of the Earth which also makes him a believer in the 2012 Earth crust melting scenario).

Nature is a Harsh Mistress. Enjoy life.

In the mean time I challenge you David Brin to send me ALL the hard evidence ANYONE has for the alleged AGW hypothesis. Failing that could you stick to what you do best, writing “FICTION” novels. [:)]

Now for some of the catchy, informative and educational video “Hide the Decline” that reveals the scientific crimes of the likes of Phil Jones, Michael Man, et. al..

[1] David Brin, “The Real Struggle Behind Climate Change – A War on Expertise“.

5 Responses to “David Brin Puts His Foot Into His Mouth And Chews It Off With Lame Ass Political Arguments Ignoring Hard Science In The Process”

  1. Nice job, pwl. The video is a good touch, too – these are the hardcore climate criminals and they need to be behind bars.

  2. Chris Edwards said

    I would have thought that to any intelligent person, trained in science or not that the “cure” of carbon credits is proof enough of the fallacy, it has allready cost the UK and US billions of dollars/ pounds and euros but has not stopped one gramme of CO2, iit has however sent production from well regulated countries to those countries that do not care and has damaged the enviroment badly. To those who can think, keep on pressuring the corrupt to drop the witch hunt for CO2, for all:- do not buy anything made in China or India.
    While this is not or should not be political it appears to be split on those lines, mosrt socialists have welcomed it with open arms, a lot of right and centre right wing folk do not want to desroy thier counrties for a myth.

  3. Brian H said

    Where does this “99%” figure keep coming from? Doesn’t he know we know that 78.3% of statistics are invented on the spot?

  4. murph said

    Is Global Warming/Adverse Climate Change* caused by humans real?
    How much of the Earth’s atmosphere is composed of Carbon Dioxide?
    After asking 149 “random” people these questions it is my firm opinion that we as a species are to stupid to pour gravy out of a boot if the instructions where written on the outside of the sole
    The 1st question has garnered a yes answer 100% of the time
    The 2nd has garnered 2 correct answers & 147 incorrect answers, once I decided to accept answers within 2%, otherwise I would be stuck with 149 incorrect answers

    A recent thought, if I have a million white marbles, and I turn 200 marbles black, I have 200ppm of black marbles
    If I turn another 200 marbles black I now have an increase of 100% in terms of parts per million
    Yet I doubt that even at 400ppm of black marbles if we ‘randomly’ stir our marble collection, that the black marbles would even be visible, let alone change the composition of a bright light filtered by 1,000,000 marbles.

    Or am I missing something obvious here?

    *All questions are phrased within the 2 parameters

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