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Prosecuting Those Making Wild Claims in Support of The Alleged Anthropomorphic Global Warming Climate Change Hypothesis As They Have NOT Shown Causation Conclusively In Four Decades of Trying

Posted by pwl on February 18, 2010

I beat you to it David Brin. I called for the prosecution of Al Gore on fraud charges way back on August 28th, 2009. I’m sure I’m not the first either.

Ocean acidification doesn’t scare me that much… it is relatively linear. And thus ought to be reversible.

“What frightens me are the vast stores of methane locked in permafrost or hydrate ices, in arctic seas. Those might see a sudden tipping point, as the planet heats up, abruptly releasing megatons of the stuff into the atmosphere, causing yet faster, accelerated warming. This kind of runaway effect is nonlinear and cannot be reversed by any conceivable kind of geoengineering.” – David Brin[1] (plus all subsequent block quotes in this article).

You’re really funny David Blin, I mean seriously you’re kidding right? You must be kidding because that is so sad.

Please David by all means show your work for such a scenario.

Well what you are actually doing is painting extreme fear scenarios without any evidence much like Al Gore did yelling “fire” in crowded movie theaters and homes across the world. It’s reckless.

Sure speculate all you want but as soon as your wild speculations without conclusive evidence of causation are used to make public policy you’ve crossed the line and become involved in perpetrating a fraud against the public purse.

“I want to make an additional point, polemically useful toward deniers. Since they have chosen to spurn ALL qualified expert advice, their efforts to slow down energy research and efforts to achieve energy efficiency can be legally looked upon as knowing and open-eyed obstruction of efforts, by the majority, to avert a well-seen disaster.”

So you’re on a “denier” bender and using vast expansive generalizations.

There is no disaster coming with CO2. The wild claims of the alleged AGW hypothesis that you imagine in technicolor have yet to be proven in the real world. All there is is some speculation, most of it wild speculation. There is no conclusive evidence showing causation that man causes carbon dioxide based global warming climate change thus the alleged AGW hypothesis has failed in it’s central claims.

You might “see it” but it’s just a set of fears in your brain and the brains of the other “believers” in AGW or as you put it “GCC”. You’re seeing an imaginary boogie man in the dark forest outside the cave David Brin.

” In other words, they can, according to common law and tort law, be held accountable for financial and civil damages, should that disaster come about. This point has (to my knowledge) never been openly stated.”

Well it is fraudulent to make false claims especially when public policy is set based upon those claims and public money is spent. Billions and Billions of public money has been spend chasing the dream of doom and gloom by slow cooker.

Al Gore is open to not just law suits but also to criminal prosecution for fraud bilking hundreds of millions of dollars out of people for his science fiction film An Inconvenient Truth and for his corporate frauds with Blood & Gore.

Put Al Gore in jail for his mega fraud.

Phil Jones, one of the leading fraudsters of the Climategate fame is potentially facing criminal fraud charges.

“But it can really rock back your conservative neighbor. He tends to assume that, in the world to come, he will be one of the winners, regardless of what happens. Conservatives are used to suffering no consequences for being wrong — about civil rights, womens’ rights, Supply Side Economics…

…but here is a case where, if they prove wrong, those who suffer the worst effects of preventable GCC will have legal recourse to attach the assets of those who vigorously and knowingly thwarted measures to palliate the harm. Indeed, in the bitter angry world that ensues, the resources of such people will be politically and emotionally vulnerable, as well. No one will pity them.

So we really see here that David Brin is simply another political hack taking political sides in what should be a scientific debate. Sad David, very sad.

I am not saying this in some hysterical threat-mode. It is parsed as a simple legal matter of cause and effect. And they have now been warned.

As have you David Brin.

Oh, the northern climes might get a longer growing season. But they will still have only ONE growing season. That is a poor trade off for sub-tropical climes that have several seasons, but turn into deserts or swamps. People who tout such should try living in Alaska. Summers there are already plenty fine. But Winter… and the mucky spring thaw… will NEVER be pleasant, even if the Earth as a whole bakes.

Well David, having lived in the Great White North (GWN) for most of my life, including one of the coldest decades of that in Edmonton (-50c), we’d welcome some increased warmth. However, in the winter it’s usually very cold up here so even the worst case scenarios of the extremist IPCC claims can’t get us all that warmed up. We’ll take it though as life thrives in tropical climates.

If the Earth as a whole bakes then by definition we’d be baking up here in the GWN so you’re statement is just all so silly.

Wow, overall what a polemic pile of mind poop out of the mind of David Brin, a formerly ok science fiction writer. I can’t believe he actually wrote let alone believes that crap.

So let’s go after all those making fraudulent wild and crazy claims soothsaying doom and gloom with the alleged AGW hypothesis when they don’t have any hard conclusive causation evidence for it. Let’s put all these fraudsters in jail and toss away the key.


[1] David Brin blows a gasket parallelized in fear by his dreams.

3 Responses to “Prosecuting Those Making Wild Claims in Support of The Alleged Anthropomorphic Global Warming Climate Change Hypothesis As They Have NOT Shown Causation Conclusively In Four Decades of Trying”

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  2. Jack said

    Anthropomorphic climate change? You mean like that Futurama clip with mr Sunbeam? It’s anthropogenic you denier crackpot.

  3. Acoustics said


    […]Prosecuting Those Making Wild Claims in Support of The Alleged Anthropomorphic Global Warming Climate Change Hypothesis As They Have NOT Shown Causation Conclusively In Four Decades of Trying « Paths To Knowledge (dot NET)[…]…

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